You know you’re in the presence of great design work when years after it’s been completed you still hold it among your favorites. Such is the case with the farmhouse living room of D.C designer Darryl Carter, pictured below. Honestly, it gets better and better each year!


Known for his choice of organic materials, natural rugged finishes juxtaposed with fine Italian and English antiques, Darryl Carter created a fascinating room that tells its story with textures and  materials, and less with color. In fact, black and white and warm natural wood tones are the only instances of color yet never has a room felt more layered and interesting. He’s an inspiration for many young designers in the D.C area and around the world and it is my preferred way of wishing you a great weekend!



A gothic style barn outfitted with modern elements, who would have thought such home exists?

But believe it or not, that’s how one could describe the eclectic home of Michel Bolbo and his partner, Arthur Krystofiak. Nestled in Brookhaven Hamlet, New York, the house was gently renovated by architect Calvert Wright who managed to keep intact its sense of history while adding all the modern conveniences. The interiors are a delightful medley of old and new, modern industrial details juxtaposed to salvaged woodwork and flea-market finds. Actually most of the house is sheathed in wood panels that were salvaged from an old ship.

Unexpected finds, like maps from a London flea-market, a beehive fashioned into a lampshade, a twig chandelier in the breakfast nook and a charming-albeit quirky- twig four-poster in one of the guest-bedrooms, all add up to make the interiors personal, and uniquely tailored to their owners.

Although my personal architectural taste is somewhat different, and I could never picture myself living in a hybrid home, I do love the moments created throughout this one. I can certainly appreciate the rugged warmth of the natural wood against the soft upholsteries and I could definitely spend many happy hours in their library (pictured below)!


Library corner

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A very special topic today is overriding my usual Wednesday fashion musings (I hope you won’t mind 🙂 ). Arne Maynard is one of Britain’s finest garden designers and a brand new discovery for me. Scrolling through his portfolio the other day, I was in awe of his talent and knew I had to write and get it out of my system. You might say that I’m against the season talking about blooming gardens when we’re just a few weeks away from Christmas but I can’t help dreaming about these places.  Now that the trees are bare and dried leaves are scattered everywhere, waiting for a blanket of snow (unfortunately the Sunday snow didn’t last… ), I got tired of all the browns and sepia around me. The only color outside is the red-nosed and chilly folks -myself included- on campus and that doesn’t count. I crave me some vibrant greens and warmth! Plus, everyone I know is trying to ditch the catchy cold that’s been passed around our little town so I figured I’d better dream of summer. Fast. So with today’s post I’m gonna do just that. Wanna join me?


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A while back I wrote about attic bedrooms and how they are totally the bomb. That post has since spanned into a whole research on my part for more ways to make attic spaces chic and livable, and the possibilities I found are countless. One thing is for sure though- angled ceilings come with both charm and challenge – something that as a decorator I totally love but as a homeowner, totally dread!


{A dream attic library}

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Winter is in full swing here in the Midwest- we’ve had our first snow last night and are now super excited about the holidays (to me it’s never really winter without a few snowflakes). And while we’re finishing up our last decorating touches and my daughter keeps revisiting her list for Santa, I thought I’d share with you a lovely home I’ve recently admired in Veranda, in case you need some holiday decor inspiration. If you love bold colors and fun patterns, you’ll love this scenic Utah ski lodge. Boasting with views of the Adirondacks, the house and its interiors were transformed by designer Anthony Baratta into a dream family retreat.


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