Happy Monday! Thanksgiving is only a few short days away, are you ready? Since home & entertaining are the focus these days, I’m sending some inspiration your way… if you love books, old photography or collections of any kind, you will certainly love this room. Beautiful homes reflect our passions, they are not necessarily perfect but perfectly inviting and deeply personal. This sure is! Published more than a decade ago, this living room is still as relevant today. And isn’t that what good decorating is all about?


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I have a very chic and eclectic home to share with you today. So many of you already know Carolina Irving’s former Manhattan apartment as it was published a good number of years ago and, if that’s so, I’m sure you won’t mind revisiting it today. Over the years, I’ve been steadily collecting every picture and angle I could find of this home therefore the sources and quality of the images are vastly different.  Despite this, we can all appreciate the beauty of her rooms.


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When it comes to decorating I love color and pattern more than anything, but every now and then I crave simplified palettes of earthy hues. My mood and appetite for color change throughout the year and I’ve noticed how the beginning of winter makes me want to remove the blues and bring in the browns, clowns and camels. I have a long list of neutral spaces I love and designers like Stephen Sills, Darryl Carter, Nancy Braithwaite, Mark Sikes and Ford Huniford to name just a few, are exceptionally good at creating beautiful layers with texture and neutrals alone. Here are some of the neutral rooms I have loved, and continue to do so, year after year…They truly are beautiful, timeless neutrals!


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Not a day goes by that I don’t miss California but the colder season makes me even more nostalgic than usual. So I’ve been pinning gardens and blooms, flowers and potted topiaries and lots of flowering shrubs lately as a way of coping with the cold weather outside. Hydrangeas and roses always make me smile, I hope they will make you smile too. Happy Tuesday!


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Happy Friday, y’all! It’s been a crazy busy week – as always – so I’m really glad to take a breather over the next couple of days. The weather is bellow freezing point right now and all I want to do is stay in, close to the window with a hot cup of tea. The trees in our backyard are on a magnificent display of colors and my daughter and me are on a mission to gather and preserve as many as we can. My favorite Christmas albums are on a loop so you know, life is good…

Over the last couple of weeks I had the time to read each and every story of this month’s issue of House Beautiful and I’m so excited to see so many great rooms and projects in a single issue. More than just pretty pictures, the pages are filled with tips and ideas, and inspiration for all of us to return to. Here are some of my favorites that I think you will love too.

I’ll start with an incredible mudroom in the Catskills home of designer Juan Carretero. What a bold take on traditional decor!!! I’m obsessed with shiplap that looks this chic and I love how Carretero paired a deep hunter’s green gloss paint on the walls with natural wood and a stunning furniture piece. The contrast is amazing!


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