”I believe in love. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner.
I believe in kissing, kissing a lot.
I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls… are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day… and I believe in miracles.”

Audrey Hepburn.


                                    A friend of mine shared this and had to pass along…Have a lovely weekend!



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I love strong, smart and ambitious women, and I love Oprah! She’s accomplished more than most of us only dream of creating in a lifetime, and she did it all despite humble beginnings and numerous obstacles. She’s beautiful, kind and incredibly business savvy and I was thrilled to see that the September / October issue of Veranda features a tour of her Montecito rose garden – it is spectacular!

I do not know much about roses, not being a gardener myself, but I can certainly appreciate a beautiful garden and the effort that goes into creating one.

Oprah purchased the 65-acres Montecito estate back in 2001 and was at first intimidated by the estate’s allotted rose garden. Alas, it was empty and so Oprah reached out to master rosarian Dan Bifano who had previously worked for the likes of Tom Ford and Barbara Streisand. Together they have created over the years a sanctuary filled with prized roses, neatly clipped boxwood, dahlias, lilies, daffodils and irises. To fill the garden with color year long, Bifano planted a mix of blooming perennials and annuals, and kept the beds contained within borders of boxwood and myrtle topiaries. Arbors overlooking the Pacific offer shelter and discovery. Paradise found! Now I’m ready to see the interiors, please!

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A little over a year ago I joined Instagram and my life has never been the same… Facebook and Pinterest are great ways to keep in touch with friends and get inspired, but Instagram does both! I’ve met wonderful people, made lovely Insta pals, visited exotic far away places and had quite a few good laughs – all from the comfort of my phone. There’s really nothing like it for creatives and the good news is there’s something for everyone. Puppies, baking, art, pizza, gardens, more baking, travel – whatever floats your boat there’s at least a dozen great Instagram accounts to get you inspired daily. One of my great passions is everything home and gardens related (shocking, I know!) and discovering new accounts on Insta makes me giddy. One such account, that I came across accidentally, is @cowparsley_and_foxgloves. Nothing fancy, just a home that is beyond my wildest dreams. Set in a small beach village, somewhere in England, a thatched-roof cottage with crisp white interiors is my new definition of beautiful living. Flocks of geese, two adorable pups, plump chickens, roses and herb gardens – the whole package. I highly recommend you check it out, it will be an Instant escape…

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Now that baby girl is not a baby anymore, mom gets to watch the Emmy’s uninterrupted (sort of). Wooohooo! Such was the case last night – for the first time in years, Ivan and I could watch the entire ceremony (and enjoy a glass of red) laughing at how clueless we are about current shows (not a bad thing). House of Cards is the only one we have watched but I’m pretty curious about Big Little Lies so will try that one soon. Our preference and time availability have changed so much over the years that we’ve become more careful about what and how much we watch. Many nights we’d rather spend our time laughing and having a good time, so vintage sitcoms are a current favorite. Hubby has been watching Walking Dead behind my back and I can’t say I mind! Give me Frasier any day…

Fortunately, there were plenty of beautiful gowns to keep things interesting last night.  There was color like never before, different styles and shapes. I’m very much over the mermaid dress so was happy to see a variety in cuts. I loved Elizabeth Moss in custom Pragal Gurung, although I can’t help but thinking a darker hue would have been even better on her. I adored Robin Wright’s choice of a black strapless sequin, Mrs. Underwood would certainly approve!

Reese Witherspoon looked fabulous as always, Viola Davis is enchanting in an orange silk dress. Jessica Biel, Laverne Cox, Debra Messing and Nicole Kidman were all stunning as usual. As for Jane Fonda, if that is what being 80 looks like, then I’ll have what she’s having!!! She looks incredible!

So here’s my best dressed list of this year’s Emmy, saving the best for last.  Let me know what you think!

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12 / Jessica Biel in Ralph & Russo

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Friday greetings, friends! How are things? If you’re feeling nostalgic about summer days past, I have the perfect home tour for you – an 1880s Federal style home that was completely rebuilt with historically accurate details in mind by Botticelli & Pohl Architects. The interiors have been beautifully outfitted with 18th and 19th -century American farmhouse style pieces that blend harmoniously with comfortable upholsteries in charming prints. The interiors were executed by Nantucket House Antiques and Interior Design Studios. There are some great rooms that inspire in both furniture layout and mix of styles. All farmhouse pieces go together, whether Swedish, French or Early American. Wicker and sisal, bamboo shades and a classic palette make this home elegant but also fun.  The living room, family room and kitchen in particular have stolen my heart…

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