… flock together! Right up there with my love for herbariums and any kind of pressed / vintage botanicals,  lies my love for antique birdie prints. Ones in particular, the watercolor bird prints by Swedish naturalist Olof Rudbeck, have been a favorite for designers like Bunny Williams, Tom Scheerer and most recently, Mark D. Sikes. Painted around the end of the 17th century, these delicate watercolor birds add a playful touch to any room. Each of them is a work of art in itself, yet there is strength in their numbers. The more, the better! They create excellent focal points in a room so here are some of my favorite ways to decorate around them:

Cafe Design | Antique Bird Prints

Mark D. Sikes – Southern Living Idea House 2016

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I don’t know much about Selena Gomez. We’re a few generations apart so I’ve not caught her on Disney Channel and haven’t had the chance to  listen to any of her songs. I do know however the obvious, that she’s naturally beautiful and as of late, she has a wardrobe that makes me want to know who’s dressing her. In a good way.  During the last couple of years, she seriously upgraded her style and apparently it’s all due to her stylist, Kate Young.

Café Design | Selena Gomez

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Yesterday I blogged about a very special historical home in Sag Harbor, commissioned almost two centuries ago by whaling captain John Overton and thoughtfully restored by designer Steven Gambrel. Conveniently located close to the Sag Harbor marina, this house was in serious need of an upgrade.  The restoration process involved reconstructing the entire frame as well as extending the foot print of the house. It took a couple of years and was completed this summer.  With all the amenities of modern day living interwoven with carefully selected historical details, the house currently  has 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a guest house and a pool, and it’s on the market for a good $10,5 millions 🙁

Café Design | Captain Overton House Tour

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Known for its great design, quaint charm and artsy atmosphere (former home to the likes of John Steinbeck and William Demby), the coastal village of Sag Harbor, New York is a cool little indie haven filled with historical houses waiting for a kind restoration. One of many such homes is the 42 Howard Street house commissioned by sea captain John Overton in 1853, located at the heart of the historical district. A couple of years ago, this house was purchased by designer Steven Gambrel, known for his passion for historical homes and restoration, and given new life.

Café Design | Captain Overton House

{ Captain Overton House before – 2012}

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Sectional sofas and I have a long time love & hate thing going on. For years I’ve been trying with no luck to find one that is pretty enough, slim enough (to fit our tiny city apartments) and of course, ¨budget-friendly¨ enough. Don’t get me wrong, I do like sectionals, they are comfortable and great for entertaining, movie nights or family hang-outs but I think most of them take up too much real estate and can be quite an eyesore. Unless your living room/family room is Grand Central, you know what I mean 🙂

Café Design | The Perfect Sectional

Above is an example of a gorgeous sectional sofa, proportional with the room’s size.

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