A Holiday Farmhouse

Change is inevitable, whether we like it or not. Situations change, other people change and most importantly, we change along as well. Ideally, our homes reflect our personalities, which means that our most intimate spaces transform as we transform, grow and age. We are constantly editing who we are and how we live, and today’s post is a story of such transformations (at least from a design point of view).


Shawn Henderson is an über talented New York designer with a charming country retreat in Hillsdale, NY. He purchased his country home more than a decade ago and beautifully redid its interiors. Although the house suited him just fine back in the day, in time its interiors were no longer a good fit for his changed lifestyle. Hence the need for a redo.

Here is a view of the living room before. If you’d like to see the home in its previous life, you can check out this House Beautiful tour.


”I didn’t entirely know how I wanted to live or who I would become. I know how to get my clients to make those kinds of decisions, because I have distance, but it was harder for myself.” (Shawn Henderson)


Overall, the spaces still express his general aesthetic – minimal, elegant yet comfortable, airy, midcentury-modern with Scandinavian influences – but adapted to life in rural New York.


The interiors of this 19th-century farmhouse preserve its 1800s rustic charm but with a modern touch. I love how the home feels incredibly comfortable and cozy. In fact, creating an inviting atmosphere was one of the goals of this redo as the home is often a place for weekend entertainment and social gatherings for Henderson’s many friends.


Another change that the designer admits to have been a mistake is his initial choice of black floors- a nightmare to keep clean and spotless. Instead, the dark floors were replaced with hardwood in a natural gray-ish stain.

The kitchen was outfitted with new state of the art appliances. When Henderson first decorated his home, cooking was nowhere near his list of hobbies. Nowadays, he enjoys preparing gourmet meals for friends and family so the kitchen had to adapt as well.








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