Hi, there!

Welcome to Café Design! My name is Eva Contreras and I am an avid decorator and design enthusiast living in small town Illinois with my husband and four-year-old daughter. This blog was born out of my passion for all things beautiful – art, fashion, stylish homes and wonderful gardens. I strongly believe in the power of personal spaces in shaping who we are and my mission with Café Design is to inspire you to create your own beautiful abode. I write (almost) daily about interesting design finds old and new, the good life, the beautiful life, or whatever else inspires me at the moment.

When it comes to interiors, I appreciate spaces that are collected over time, filled with natural textures and color. I love traditional homes with a rustic, California casual living elegance but most of all, I am drawn to happy interiors that are comfortable, layered and personal, a reflection of their inhabitants. You can say that my blog is my very public design diary, an expression of my ever evolving style, shaped with each beautiful home and each new designer I discover. It is also my happy corner where I share my design thoughts and connect with all of you – so feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

Here is a little bit about me and my background. My story is that of second chances: after receiving my Doctorate in Mathematics and working as a junior researcher, I’ve decided to follow my true passion – interior design. So there you have it, I’m a recovering geek who loves French fries, wine and a good laugh! Despite my scientific background, on some level I’ve always been interested in architecture and interiors but it took me longer to realize it (oops, wrong major! – lol). Some of my first memories are visiting beautiful homes with my grandmother and trying to record every detail, texture and color. From tearing out magazine pages of homes I loved, to redecorating our apartment every other day, this hobby of mine grew into a great passion, which then led me back to school. While living in the Bay Area, I’ve studied Interior Design and Interior Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley, and am currently in the process of becoming a certified interior decorator.