Anatomy of a Perfect Home Office

Good design is comfortable and personal, great design is timeless. Happy Friday, friends! In the world of interiors there are trends that come and go, colors and design elements that are so ‘in’ one year and totally ‘out’ the next. Personally, I do not follow trends nor do I believe in them.  A great design has no age and will look as fresh now as it will in a decade or two. Needless to say, such timeless interiors are not easy to create or replicate. It takes talent, experience and a willingness to take risks. Constantly stepping outside of one’s comfort zone is what makes a good designer, great. That and the right clients to experiment on! 🙂

Case in point: this gorgeous home designed in 2005 by Binny Hudson is as beautiful and relevant today as it was back then. It looks as if time stood still, twelve years of design did nothing to diminish its appeal.  By the way, Binny Hudson is untraceable on the world wide web. She has no website or contact information, all I could find were bits and pieces from an old interview that accompanies a spread of her home in House & Garden UK.  We are told she is a florist and interior stylist (and a talented one for sure) living in the heart of London with her husband Graham.

Whenever I see a space like this, I do my best to study it carefully. I try to find out what is it that makes it stand the test of time. Is it a particular color palette? A choice of furnishings? Or is it the story this home tells? I think it’s a little bit of everything.

binny office

These photos are from the couple’s study and home office. Notice how personal this space feels. While the displays are not everyone’s cup of tea (though they are certainly mine), both Binny and her husband are avid collectors of old photographs and film paraphernalia so this clearly works for them. There’s a lesson here too. Decorate with your own collections and things that are meaningful to you. If you surround yourself with things you love, your home will be beautiful and meaningful to YOU and that’s all that counts!

This office has an industrial feel to it. High ceilings, iron beams and French doors that open onto the garden, skylights and exposed brick go along swimmingly with the couple’s antiques and décor pieces collected over time. The walls are covered in a soothing French gray with green undertones. I love the idea of creating extra display space by hanging shelves above the doorway, surrounding the room. The comfortable sofa is a place to read and relax. The mirrored desk breaks up the space with contrast and shine. Books everywhere, fresh flowers and garden doors wide open…YAAASSS!

binny office big

Binny garden

If you’d like to recreate something similar in your home, here’s a fun board with links to all the different elements that accomplish the sophisticated, layered look of Binny Hudson’s home office. Just click on the list bellow for the details (no affiliates).


Have a great weekend!



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