Anatomy of a Perfect Library

A well designed library is my favorite space in any given home. What is so great about libraries is that they offer an opportunity to make bold design choices. Moody colors, interesting patterns and textures along with a variety of lighting options help create libraries where ambience is everything! One of the most beautiful home libraries I have ever seen belongs to designer Connie Newberry.  It has mood. It has color. It is cozy yet elegant. It has unexpected charm!

library Connie Newberry

In an interview for Dering Hall, Newberry describes her vision for this space (and the rest of her Hudson Valley home, which is gorgeous through and through):

¨Built-ins are Char Brown by Benjamin Moore. It’s a rich mud, perfect for us because someone is invariably tracking mud into the house. The antelope-print carpet hides a lot of sins, and it’s also a classic. I hung a traditional convex mirror to catch the light and open up that niche. It didn’t have a great gilded finish, so I painted it white to add a little contrast. Now it looks like a giant tire! But again, I didn’t want the room to feel serious and stuffy. I wanted it to be fun.¨

I think the world of this room so I played around with a few items that would create a similar look. The bones are very classic, the details add the drama. I had a hard time finding a glossy red waterfall coffee table (Newberry purchased hers from Gerald Bland), although there are plenty tables available in different finishes (mostly wood and lacquered whites). If you’re OK with having it customized, that could work too!


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