Anatomy of A Perfect Room

One of my favorite designers – Mark D. Sikes’ first book is out in less than a week and as I’m anxiously awaiting my FedEx package, I thought I’d share with you another fabulous room I’m obsessed about. Designed by Mark, of course 🙂  Although his entire work is beyond beautiful, the space I’m referring to is the family room in his Hollywood Hills home he shares with his partner, Michael Griffin. Back in 2012, House Beautiful published their house and I fell in love with the family room, which looked like this:

Family Room MDS

Cozy, layered and so much fun!


{peek from the breakfast room}

House Beautiful HD #42 1108_AN_HouseBeautiful

{view from the other side of the kitchen}

Later, in 2014, Mark redecorated and the family room got a FABULOUS makeover:


As you can see, it already looked wonderful in its first edition but the second look just blows me away! It is still fun but in a more subtle, sophisticated way. If that makes sense… And the best part is that even though it feels totally different, the room hasn’t changed that much. The architecture and most of the furniture are the same. What did change: the sofa, throw pillows, window treatments and upholstery.  So I thought this is a great example of getting the bones of a room right and then, whenever the mood for change strikes, one could easily switch out the accessories. In my opinion, this is the mark of a beautiful home!


And since breaking down the details is one of my favorite things to do, I compiled a list of reasons why I think this room is so awesome:

  1. It has a clean slate: beadboard and built-in shelving in off white make a great neutral backdrop. A classic and timeless choice that can be easily updated by changing  accessories.
  2. A comfortable sofa nestled between the built-ins creates a cozy reading  spot by the window. And I can never say no to window seats!
  3. Lighting, lighting, lighting. Lighting is key. Complementing the natural light, two swing arm sconces flank the sofa while a number of smaller sconces punctuate the open shelving. There is strength in their numbers, don’t you think? I particularly love the choice of a bronze finish to stand out against the white walls…
  4. Pillows, lots of pillows!  Layers of color and a fun mix of prints add more charm to this room than I can possibly describe…
  5. The pair of rattan chairs bring in texture and creates an intimate conversation area.
  6. A tufted camel leather ottoman is the perfect masculine element.
  7. … and let’s not forget the floors! A vintage striped dhurrie grounds the space.
  8. Finally, it wouldn’t be a Mark D. Sikes space without a touch of chinoiserie. The blue and white garden stools  finish up the room beautifully.


Isn’t this room just great?!  What do you guys think? Which one of the two versions do you prefer? 🙂