Beach Bliss

While doing my research for Monday’s post about Peter Dunham’s L.A apartment, I stumbled upon another one of his projects -a modern beach condo makeover in Hermosa Beach, California that just took my breath away! Once you’ll see this place, you’ll understand  why I do the unspeakable, publish two Peter Dunham posts in the same week 🙂

The project is a little more modern than I usually go for but strangely enough it feels traditional and warm. It must be all that fabric prettiness and the mix of textures. Linen, wool, rattan and seagrass, steel and natural woods, they all found their way in this picture perfect home.

The L.A- based designer together with architect Tim Barber had the pleasurable task to update this 1,400 square feet surf cottage to function as a Manhattan couple’s beach home away from home.

The dining area at the home of Geri Wang in Hermosa Beach, CA. Interior design by Peter Dunham.

In the cozy breakfast nook, Dunham paired pillows in his now line of fabrics with his  favorite midcentury furniture pieces -the How to Marry a Millionaire chairs and Eero Saarinen tulip table. The colorful rug is a Mongolian flat weave.

The sitting area at the home of Geri Wang in Hermosa Beach, CA. Interior design by Peter Dunham.

A lookout point with a view of the pier and the lifeguard station…vintage surf boards.

The kitchen at the home of Geri Wang in Hermosa Beach, CA. Interior design by Peter Dunham.

Minimal kitchen décor and views for miles! In fact, to maximize the exposure to these drop-dead-gorgeous vistas, the island is facing the windows instead of the kitchen.


In the living room, there’s plenty of room for entertaining and lounging, and rest after all the surfing. The low profile furnishings  keep the views unobstructed while the part of the kitchen island facing the living area is outfitted with built-in shelves that make a great backdrop for one of the sofas.

The first guest bedroom at the home of Geri Wang in Hermosa Beach, CA. Interior design by Peter Dunham.

This guest bedroom is one of my favorite spaces in the house  along with the sunny breakfast corner.  It feels modern and so cozy. Love the paisley, the natural rush bed … and oh, that woven coverlet!!!

tight view of bed with hardwood corner post and headboard, patterned red curtains behind bed, night table with blue vase of flowers, patterned duvet cover and throw pillows.

A charming close-up of the tiniest guest bedroom. In the smallest room of the house, Dunham placed a massive four poster bed. ¨In small rooms I think it’s better to scale up rather than down¨, says the designer. Pillows and fabrics are all in Peter Dunham’s prints.

Master bedroom with large bed with leather base and headboard, white duvet cover and patterned throw pillows, brown wood night dressers with ceramic lamps and light white shades, far wall with stained grey wood, striped floor rug, green and white patterned upholstered armchair in corner with large floor lamp with yellow shade.

The master bedroom is a contemporary interpretation of the popular 70s trend of bright colors, leather and white-washed pine wall coverings.

Light green tile walled bathroom with chromed frame glass shower, stone countertops and floor tiles, ceiling window light, white drawers and toilet.

To capitalize on the gorgeous sunny days of L.A and bring in natural light in the small bathroom, Barber and Dunham installed a skylight. The floor-to-ceiling ceramic tiles keep things visually light and minimal.

I hope you enjoyed this tour, to read the original story head over to Coastal Living. Photographs are by Lisa Romerein and styling by Liz Strong.




  1. November 10, 2016 / 7:32 pm

    What a fun place and that few is awesome!

    • Eva Contreras
      November 11, 2016 / 1:35 pm

      Thanks Elizabeth! Yes, that view and those colors are so awesome!