Beach House Blue

Happy August, dear friends! Yes, it’s August already…but I don’t know where the time went.  Life has been pretty hectic around here. We’re back to work after a month long vacation and trying to get into our much loved routine. While traveling to visit my family, hubby and I realized that after one week -10 days tops- we both start feeling antsy and useless and need something to do. I’m not complaining, long holidays can be great for some people but can turn too stressful for us. Lesson learned 🙂

Anyway, I actually love this time of year. Trees start to lose some of their leaves and the first signs of transition between seasons are visible. But I’m not ready to let go of summer just yet, so I prepared for you a lovely little beach house tour. The interiors were designed by none other that Tom Scheerer and I’m amazed by the variety of textures, different blues and dreamy textiles found throughout the home. Furnishings, wallpapers and light fixtures are all swoon-worthy.


Café Design | Tom Scheerer

Imagine walking into your home and be greeted by this…


…or relaxing in this gorgeous roll-arm sofa with a hot cup of joe and the new Southern Living  issue!


Hosting dinner parties would be the easiest thing to do in this perfection of a dining room!


Hanging out in the family room below until dinner is ready (assuming someone else is cooking, of course! my favorite kind of dinner)… I love the modern take on the classic English sofa. Cushions are reupholstered in what’s possibly one of the most dramatic prints ever – Peter Dunham’s Samarkand.


Can you think of a better place to start your day than in this cheerful breakfast corner? Floral tiles, cafe curtains and a fun vintage pendant light. Ahh, and fresh flowers. Peaches anyone?!


Café Design | Tom Scheerer

I’m convinced this could be it. My dream home. But then again, everything Tom Scheerer designed could be my dream home…

Have a good week!