Let’s be honest, backyard storage is often times an eyesore! A designated dump yard for all of our gardening equipment, lawn mowers, paint brushes and potting benches, the shed can be a real pain to make pretty. But if you thought garden sheds cannot be glamorous, think again because this talented and business savvy mother-daughter duo has taken backyard storage to new heights of chic.

What started as an unfortunate event – their barn burned down a few years back and the neighboring Amish community helped rebuild it – has turned into a creative business idea. Impressed by the skilled craftsmanship of the Amish, the two soon came to realize that the market in the States is lacking in beautifully crafted, prefabricated garden sheds. With this thought, Hillsbrook Collections was born. Inspired by classical architectural styles, their garden cottages are stunning and highly customizable. You can chose your finishes and opt for charming add-ons like towerlets, finials, Dutch doors, trellis work, lanterns or armillarries. The only trouble will be in deciding between their pretty designs!

shed 3

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I hope you’ve all had a peaceful holiday weekend! We had a great couple of days, enjoyed some sweet family time as well as entertaining with friends. The temperatures are now in the mid 70s, tulips and lilacs are in full bloom and our entire neighborhood smells divine. Don’t you just love Spring?

For today’s design post, I have in mind a beautiful mountain lodge set in Big Sky, Montana that is all about nature. Designed by architect Paul Bertelli and decorator Markham Roberts, the home is a sophisticated holiday retreat that is cozy and comfortable without the usual rustic clichés. Weathered wood, native stones and breathtaking vistas blend seamlessly with chic fabrics and bespoke furnishings. The result is one of the most beautiful mountain homes I’ve ever seen!


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Don’t you just love interiors that have a strong indoor/outdoor connection? Well, me too! When it comes to decorating, I have an affinity for rooms with an earthy feel that evoke the tranquility of a garden. Even better if they open onto one!

Whether you have stunning views and a patio right outside of your living room, or not, there are many different ways to bring the outdoors in. You can begin with the color scheme – an earthy palette of greens and grounding browns will work like a charm. Next, use fabrics / wall coverings that depict serene nature scenes and floral patterns. Last, finish the room by incorporating natural textures whenever possible – rattan, sisal and wicker will subtly create a garden-like feel. Now, if you’re bold enough, you can always try a garden trellis! It is by far one of the most dramatic and efficient ways of creating a garden room.

A garden trellis or a treillage (aka as fretwork or lattice) is an architectural structure made of interlacing strips of wood, bamboo or metal, that is widely used in gardens to support climbing trees and plants.


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Over the past few months, my collection of ”dream homes” has grown so much that it’s time I share some of these babies with you! When it comes to houses, the ugly truth is that curb appeal is key. No matter how beautiful a home is on the inside, I believe the outside has to match it! White picket fences, flower and veggie gardens, manicured boxwood, potted box, a great front door, fresh coats of paint, shutters, hydrangea bushes and a neat driveway are all ways in which we can enhance our home’s appeal from the get-go.

Based on their location and materials used, these houses are all very different in architectural styles. Some are cozy looking cottages, some are grand mansions but they all share their owners’ common attention to details – every choice from the color palette of the exterior to the vegetation has been well-thought out to tell a story. Even before we could ring the bell, we get a glimpse of how the home is lived-in on the inside.


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Hi, friends! I hope y’all had a lovely weekend! After a slow week of relaxed days and less blogging, we’re back to our regular schedule. For today I’ve prepared a post that has been on my mind for quite a while. My love of beautiful homes and architecture determined me to look closer at an architectural style that is stunning, both inside and out. It is Architectural Digest’s favorite home style featured, the shingle style home (or better said, the shingle style mansion).

shingle 09

One of the first distinctly American architectural styles, the shingle style home was developed in New England between 1880 and 1900. Although it generously borrowed details from other Victorian styles popular at the time, it is deeply rooted in the American vernacular. Porches, shingles and an asymmetrical layout were inspired by the popular Queen Anne; Palladian windows, gambrel roofs and the extensive use of stone pillars and foundations were typically used in the Richardson Romanesque style homes. All these different architectural elements found a harmonious expression in a new style that is both informal and eclectic.

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