This home designed by Lee Ann Thornton and published in the new House Beautiful is the reason I love interior design!!! I am impressed and in awe of how an old Connecticut ranch that started out as a plain Jane with lots of drywall, small rooms, low ceilings and a quirky flow has morphed into such a beautiful home. Somehow Thornton has created many of my dream spaces – that sunroom is simply glorious, I would never leave that room!….the dining room is layered with beautiful patterns and feminine details I adore, the master bedroom is subtle and interesting while the master bath is crisp and edgy… I’m in love!


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Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a fun weekend.

While surfing the web the other day, I came across a lovely California abode on Traditional Home’s online edition and liked its cheerful appeal. The house is home to a young family with three children and has been built and decorated by architectural and interior designer Wendy Posard. The original structure was an 1890s Georgian Revival that Posard tore down and had rebuilt. The style and the old footprint were preserved, and most of the timber and moldings reused. The new structure has now a better interior flow and open sight lines throughout. Large windows, transoms, French and Dutch doors keep the rooms open to the gardens.

In terms of blending the old with the new, one of my favorite things about this house is that it meets the highest standards in the national green-building program. The construction has the environment in mind with a Platinum Level LEED (Leadership in  Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

As for the color scheme, a happy blue-white-and-lemon-yellow palette inspired by a china set the couple had bought from Italy injects a cheerful mood. The clients wanted a “wine-country-meets-the-beach” vibe and Posard delivered down to a T.

Cafe Design | Front Door

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It’s “Throwback Thursday” here on the blog and I’d love to take the opportunity and revisit a pretty East Hampton cottage designed by Robert Stilin. Stilin is an incredibly talented designer with an eclectic aesthetic that I have long admired. In his interiors, the old and the new blend within the fine line of comfort and cozy living. This house in particular that he decorated for clients David Wine and Michael MacElhenny is as inviting as it is spare.

The cottage is a Shingle style house possessing many architectural charms. With a shingle-covered exterior, tons of hydrangeas, green grass and privet fences – it is for many of us the very definition of perfection.

Cafe Design | Cottage Chic | Pool

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Fall is taking residence here in Illinois and the trees have slowly changed color…rusty reds, yellows and browns, it’s all so beautiful. The cold weather is an invitation to bake and stay warm but we also love strolling and collecting nature bits with our daughter. Observing nature up-close is a privilege for kids like us who’ve spent their entire adult lives in bustling cities. Our stay here in Urbana is only temporary so we’re enjoying it as much as we can.

Farnsworth House in Plano, Illinois came to my mind as the perfect example of living with nature’s colors. Literally. A glass box surrounded by trees, nature takes an active part in its decor. The house has been replicated around the Globe and further helped establish Mies van der Rohe as one of the greatest architects of the 20th century. The best part is that it’s now a museum, open to the public (and our next local destination!).

Cafe Design | Farnsworth House 8

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Now that the colder days are (finally) here, we’re all thinking warm colors and cozy decor. I’m way behind with my pumpkins and mums this year, not to mention I can’t find our Halloween props, so instead today’s fall design inspiration comes from an 1850s farmhouse in upstate New York, decorated by the talented duo of Tilton Fenwick. This project was recently published in House Beautiful and it has a little bit of everything- color, enveloping prints, fun fabrics that work all year-long, but are particularly fitted for the colder months. Like this living room below, with an orange velvet sofa that would keep me hostage for weeks. With a good book, a warm  cup of tea and the roaring fire… ahh, the good life!

Cafe Design | Tilton Fenwick | Living Room Sofa

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