A little over a year ago I joined Instagram and my life has never been the same… Facebook and Pinterest are great ways to keep in touch with friends and get inspired, but Instagram does both! I’ve met wonderful people, made lovely Insta pals, visited exotic far away places and had quite a few good laughs – all from the comfort of my phone. There’s really nothing like it for creatives and the good news is there’s something for everyone. Puppies, baking, art, pizza, gardens, more baking, travel – whatever floats your boat there’s at least a dozen great Instagram accounts to get you inspired daily. One of my great passions is everything home and gardens related (shocking, I know!) and discovering new accounts on Insta makes me giddy. One such account, that I came across accidentally, is @cowparsley_foxgloves. Nothing fancy, just a home that is beyond my wildest dreams. Set in a small beach village, somewhere in England, a thatched-roof cottage with crisp white interiors is my new definition of beautiful living. Flocks of geese, two adorable pups, plump chickens, roses and herb gardens – the whole package. I highly recommend you check it out, it will be an Instant escape…

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Friday greetings, friends! How are things? If you’re feeling nostalgic about summer days past, I have the perfect home tour for you – an 1880s Federal style home that was completely rebuilt with historically accurate details in mind by Botticelli & Pohl Architects. The interiors have been beautifully outfitted with 18th and 19th -century American farmhouse style pieces that blend harmoniously with comfortable upholsteries in charming prints. The interiors were executed by Nantucket House Antiques and Interior Design Studios. There are some great rooms that inspire in both furniture layout and mix of styles. All farmhouse pieces go together, whether Swedish, French or Early American. Wicker and sisal, bamboo shades and a classic palette make this home elegant but also fun.  The living room, family room and kitchen in particular have stolen my heart…

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Summer is my favorite time of the year, everything feels so easy in the summer. But I also love fall and the change it brings. After all, there’s just so many torid, humid days one can endure and the freshness of the cooler season is a welcome change. Despite the cold and the rain, our little town is bustling with students right now and you can feel the energy in the air… I love that!

My schedule this fall is crazier than ever. Between work and home, ballet and swim lessons, I’m still trying to adjust. It’s not easy being a kindergartener, or the parent of one 🙂 With all the busy-ness around, last weekend I tried something new and ventured into the scary world of DIY. A friend of mine found an old Duncan Phyfe style table and asked me if I’d help her refresh it. I have some ideas and if it were mine to keep, I’d try and preserve its original wood veneer and have it fixed professionally. But my friend needs some ideas for a quick and easy fix that can turn the table into something not just functional but pretty. I’ll try to snap a few pictures and show you all about it later this month. I have this thing against painting wood pieces that look old and have character and this table has both good looks and charm in spades. I’m still on the fence about what I’ll do with it so we’ll see…

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Good morning, friends! I’ve spent yesterday evening scrolling “the” Instagram, checking out a new source of inspiration. If you enjoyed  Jennifer Ash Rudick’s Out East and the tour of one particular cottage on Lily Pond Lane, East Hampton, you’ll love Harry Slatkin’s Instagram account. The creative power couple Laura & Harry Slatkin is an inspiration and through their social media, they constantly share beautiful shots of their homes & gardens. Their home in East Hampton is gorgeous, inside and out. Decorated by Harry’s brother, Howard Slatkin, it is a beautiful mix of Anglo-Indian furnishings, chinoiserie, checks and Indian block prints, and everything is blue and white. Very cozy and comfortable, just like a beach house used year-round should be. Here is a selection of some of my favorite shots. Enjoy!

Cafe Design Lily Pond Lane Swimming Pool

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My inspiration this week! It has been an unusually active hurricane & earthquake season, continuous prayers for those recovering in the aftermath of Harvey, as well as Mexico’s strong earthquake last night! Please help however you can! Strength for the Southeast Coast of the States as Irma is approaching Florida, Georgia and South Carolina…

In the world of design, there was quite some activity as well… new book releases by two celebrated American architects James Farmer and Gil Schafer (am I the only one surprised that they share a title?). After nine years of working on its design with Daniel Romualdez, the Southampton home of Tory Burch is nearly finished and we got a peek earlier this week through the October issue of Architectural Digest. My own inspiration this week has been all over the place – Gil Schafer’s Maine home, antique Turkish and Portuguese tiles, white kitchens and stunning marble backsplashes; and fashion of course. I’ve discovered a very stylish design follow in the presence of Nati Abascal, a Spanish socialite with exquisite style.

Cafe Design | Blue and White Tile

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