A few months ago I discovered the work of Bahamian designer Amanda Lindroth and have been fascinated ever since. This barn turned guest house is one of Lindroth’s older projects and a great example of her talent. The rooms she created are casual yet sophisticated, filled with color and breezy island style.

The house belongs to Pippa Vlasov and it is unusual on many levels. First of all, it is a stable with two living quarters at each end. Second, it houses the sweetest Gypsy Vanners alongside Vlasov’s family. Horses and people living under the same roof is not something you see everyday!

Although it is not the family’s main residence, Vlasov often spends time here working or entertaining guests – the lucky ones get to spend more time with the family’s beloved horses. Vlasov’s love of animals is evident throughout the two apartments. Animal friendly choices for fabrics, open floor plans and an overall equestrian theme make these apartments every horse-lover’s dream. When it comes to décor, each apartment has its own color scheme. They are joined by a long corridor that houses stables on either side.


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For well over two decades, Lynn Morgan and her design team have been creating beautiful homes throughout the country. Their projects range from serene vacation properties on the island of Nantucket, condos in Palm Beach and the Rockies to sleek Metropolitan New York and Connecticut apartments.

However, her coastal projects are particularly beautiful and among my favorites. Overall, Lynn’s design philosophy is one I adhere to. Her appreciation of classical design and architecture is evident in all of her projects and her personal take on tradition results in interiors that are crisp and vibrantly colorful. Famous for her love of blues and greens, her designs are always fresh.

What set this home apart is how relaxed and collected it feels. Set in Wilson Point and a decade old, it still looks great!


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There is a house I’ve had on my mind for a long time – a small shingle clad cottage in Birmingham, Alabama with a neatly manicured lawn and charming curb appeal. Despite its size, it feels grand and spacious thanks to the homeowner’s efforts to transform its small rooms with low ceilings into a functional, incredibly chic space. If anyone can make a small home work, it is architect Bill Ingram, the proud owner of this gem.

With a penchant for Early American architectural styles, Ingram purchased this little cottage conveniently located a few blocks from great shopping and dining areas, and worked his magic. The exterior was sheathed in cedar shake shingles that age beautifully, a third dormer was added for scale and for more natural light in the upper quarters.


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Sims Hilditch is one of those rare design firms that make you fall in love with each one of their projects. I recently came across their work and spent hours poring over their beautiful rooms. Sims Hilditch is a full service design firm based in the UK founded by Emma Sims-Hilditch, and their aesthetic is a fresh take on English traditional interiors. Their projects are incredibly diverse – London townhouses, hotels and restaurants, historical country manors and English farmhouses- yet they all have something in common. They are tranquil, graceful, elegant and comfortable.

The Sims Hilditch color palette is composed of soft hues, calming and fresh. Textured velvets and plaids add warmth. Bespoke details and furnishings are tailored to create the ‘new English’ interior.

Their headquarters – The White Hart- must be the most charming design studio I’ve ever seen.


The White Hart

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Carolina Irving is every interior designer’s dream. Her textile collections are out of this world, inspired by her many travels to India, the Middle East, Turkey, Italy and Greece. An art historian educated in Paris and savvy business woman, Carolina has a keen sense of style that appears effortless and natural.

‘‘My fabrics look old, hand printed, vegetable dyed,’’ Irving says. ‘‘A modern twist isn’t me at all.’’

Everything she does is beautiful, from her fashion line with Lisa Fine to her home décor collection with Penny Morrison, and of course, her own line of textiles. Irving is elegant and talented, and her homes are an expression of that elegance – a delight to look at and study, sophisticated and bohemian.


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