Now that baby girl is not a baby anymore, mom gets to watch the Emmy’s uninterrupted (sort of). Wooohooo! Such was the case last night – for the first time in years, Ivan and I could watch the entire ceremony (and enjoy a glass of red) laughing at how clueless we are about current shows (not a bad thing). House of Cards is the only one we have watched but I’m pretty curious about Big Little Lies so will try that one soon. Our preference and time availability have changed so much over the years that we’ve become more careful about what and how much we watch. Many nights we’d rather spend our time laughing and having a good time, so vintage sitcoms are a current favorite. Hubby has been watching Walking Dead behind my back and I can’t say I mind! Give me Frasier any day…

Fortunately, there were plenty of beautiful gowns to keep things interesting last night.  There was color like never before, different styles and shapes. I’m very much over the mermaid dress so was happy to see a variety in cuts. I loved Elizabeth Moss in custom Pragal Gurung, although I can’t help but thinking a darker hue would have been even better on her. I adored Robin Wright’s choice of a black strapless sequin, Mrs. Underwood would certainly approve!

Reese Witherspoon looked fabulous as always, Viola Davis is enchanting in an orange silk dress. Jessica Biel, Laverne Cox, Debra Messing and Nicole Kidman were all stunning as usual. As for Jane Fonda, if that is what being 80 looks like, then I’ll have what she’s having!!! She looks incredible!

So here’s my best dressed list of this year’s Emmy, saving the best for last.  Let me know what you think!

Cafe Design | Emmy Recap | Jessica Biel

12 / Jessica Biel in Ralph & Russo

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I’ve recently discovered French model Jeanne Damas through her fashion label Rouje and I’m smitten. Often compared to  Jane Birkin (for obvious reasons), Damas is the epitome of youthful Parisian style – chic, effortless and so cool. Plus, everything she wears looks comfortable and feminine without trying to hard. I just love every piece of her collection.

“Rouje is really a love letter to French girls, combining classic, iconic staples with contemporary, youthful design. It’s also the result of a collaboration between French girls, as Damas recruited friends such as the photographer Adeline Mai as collaborators.”  via WMagazine

Cafe Design | Jeanne Damas 3

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One of history’s most fashionable First Ladies would turn 88 today! Appreciated for her impeccable taste and personal style, Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis is one of  the world’s most admired women. Born as the eldest daughter of Wall Street broker John Vernon Bouvier III and socialite Janet Bouvier, she graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree in French literature from George Washington University, and went to work as a photographer for the Washington Times – Herald before meeting senator John F. Kennedy…and the rest is history.

Cafe Design | Jackie 23

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Happy Women’s Day!! What better way to mark a moment that celebrates women everywhere than a post about one of the most feminine collections of this Spring? Ralph & Russo‘s runway pieces are ethereal, diaphanous, delicate, ultra-feminine. Ultimately, it offers the best inspiration for a night out or a day at the office. From more casual outfits to red carpet gowns, from power dressing to bridal, Ralph & Russo’s Spring 2017 collection has it all, and I love it!


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Okay, so another cinematographic year has passed! A few years ago we started this tradition of watching the Oscars and I’m so glad we did because this edition was a memorable one! Incredibly entertaining, the 89th Oscars were one of the best in recent history, I dare say!  It had all the right ingredients: great movies, great host and the right kind of humor, social message, amazing speeches (Viola Davis, Mahershala Ali…), diversity, and of course lovely gowns.


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