Happy Women’s Day!! What better way to mark a moment that celebrates women everywhere than a post about one of the most feminine collections of this Spring? Ralph & Russo‘s runway pieces are ethereal, diaphanous, delicate, ultra-feminine. Ultimately, it offers the best inspiration for a night out or a day at the office. From more casual outfits to red carpet gowns, from power dressing to bridal, Ralph & Russo’s Spring 2017 collection has it all, and I love it!


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Okay, so another cinematographic year has passed! A few years ago we started this tradition of watching the Oscars and I’m so glad we did because this edition was a memorable one! Incredibly entertaining, the 89th Oscars were one of the best in recent history, I dare say!  It had all the right ingredients: great movies, great host and the right kind of humor, social message, amazing speeches (Viola Davis, Mahershala Ali…), diversity, and of course lovely gowns.


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The fashion legacy of singer, actress and songwriter Jane Birkin is undeniable. Over the last several decades, her bohemian, effortlessly cool style has influenced women everywhere. She has changed and shaped the way people dress and her influence is still as powerful as ever. As proof, not a day goes by that her signature feminine look does not grace my screen on any number of my social media followings.

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As someone who grew up in Transylvania, part of my Romanian heritage is a wonderful – yet sometimes quirky – baggage of traditions and superstitions. I’ve lived abroad for the last decade but have noticed that younger generations of Romanians are less and less attached to the old ways of doing things (as it should be). Nevertheless, some of these superstitions are so much fun that survive to this day.

I ignore most (like taking three steps back when a black cat crosses your way or throwing salt backwards and sideways for good luck 🙂 ) and my family does too, but there are a select few I cherish. Not because they are true, but because they remind me so much of home, and because they are fashion related (yes, we do have fashion related superstitions!)

The New Year’s Eve night, many Romanians love wearing red – it is believed to bring good fortune and happiness in the new year. Whether or not that’s true, I love wearing a red dress so why not? If red is not your color, you don’t need to choose an entire outfit – a little detail goes a long way.  It could be something as tiny as a red hair pin or lingerie, or a red lip.

Eating fish and having money in your purse are other fun superstitions, supposedly making the coming year abundant and rich. But what is most important, my favorite superstition of all, is to celebrate the change of years with loved ones and family, cheerful and grateful. Chances are your New Year will be all that, and more.


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Power dressing at its finest is what today’s post is all about. One of the more understated royals of Europe, Letizia of Spain is nevertheless one fashionable Queen and my latest style crush.

Wife of King Felipe VI, Letizia is the first Queen of Spain to have been born a commoner. The modern Queen comes from a middle-class family and studied journalism in Madrid before becoming a successful news anchor. She married prince Felipe in 2004 and became Queen in 2014 after the abdication of King Juan Carlos I, Felipe’s father. Together with Felipe, they are parents to two beautiful little girls, Leonor (heir presumptive) and Sofia.


Holiday Greetings from Spain’s Royal Family

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