*UPDATED with more pics and tips on achieving the Gilmore look! Okay, so Netflix released the awaited Gilmore Girls revival and it’s not at all what I expected it to be. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it that much either. I know it sounds strange since it’s all fiction anyway, but I had a totally different future in mind for Rory (I guess life, as in creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, thought otherwise). Anyway, I won’t spoil the plot for you in case you didn’t watch it yet but instead I’ll show you some set pretties. You know how much I love those!

I must admit I was very curious to revisit the Dragonfly. After nine years, there’s bound to be some new things around. To my pleasure, not that much has changed. A few upholstery and wallpaper swaps here and there, a new staff but the overall feeling of the place is the same. A charming, old world inn. A mishmash of antiques and colors and quirky finds with literally no inch of surface left undecorated. This might seem like a lot to some, but for the vibe of the Dragonfly it is just right. Plus, the décor tells the story by itself. It supports the intricate life of this small town and the colorful personalities of its characters. And that I will always love about the Gilmores!

Before I show you the sets on the revival, let’s remember the Dragonfly Inn  as we left it nine years ago!


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One of my many guilty pleasures is watching Pretty Little Liars. I say ¨guilty¨ not because the series is bad or anything, but because it is mostly a teen drama and watching it makes me feel like a teenager again (which is not necessarily a bad thing, lol). But if you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry.


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Yesterday I wrote about Spanish Colonial homes so common in sunny California and I just realized that I have the perfect little design exercise in mind for this style of architecture.

Analyzing set decor has always been a pleasure of mine, and a guilty one for sure as it often involves some serious binge-watching. Hmmm… Creating any kind of set, be it theater, sitcom or movie, involves a great deal of effort and research. Even though technically, decorating a set is very different from decorating a home (hello good lighting and fake doors), there are a couple of things that the two have in common. First, a well designed set is architecturally accurate, meaning that all choices in decor are in harmony with the decided architectural style. Second, by definition, a good set helps us buy into an alternate reality and creates a very specific mood. I strongly believe that these two principles apply in decorating our own homes: architectural accuracy and creating a space that reflects the mood our hearts desire.

Cafe Design | Set Decor- Happily Divorced

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Gilmore Girls fans, have you heard the good news?! Rejoice, Sookie St. James is back! As you may know, Netflix is preparing a revival with four episodes in the works directed by the show’s original creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino. Most of the cast will be returning to Stars Hollow and as of this Friday (after some scheduling conflicts), Melissa McCarthy is officially a part of the team! Truth be told, I could never imagine the show without bubbly, funny, dream bestie Sookie.

Design Café | Gilmore Girls Set Decor


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Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a great spring break. We’ve been taking things slowly this past week, which meant me taking a break from work and blogging, enjoying more time with family and friends (and maybe eating waaay to many goodies….) but I’m back! And since you’re probably here for an actual blog post, today I’m gonna write about a (recently discovered) movie set that I fell in love with – It’s Complicated (mom, I know you’re gonna like this one 🙂 ).

its complicated

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