As someone who grew up in Transylvania, part of my Romanian heritage is a wonderful – yet sometimes quirky – baggage of traditions and superstitions. I’ve lived abroad for the last decade but have noticed that younger generations of Romanians are less and less attached to the old ways of doing things (as it should be). Nevertheless, some of these superstitions are so much fun that survive to this day.

I ignore most (like taking three steps back when a black cat crosses your way or throwing salt backwards and sideways for good luck 🙂 ) and my family does too, but there are a select few I cherish. Not because they are true, but because they remind me so much of home, and because they are fashion related (yes, we do have fashion related superstitions!)

The New Year’s Eve night, many Romanians love wearing red – it is believed to bring good fortune and happiness in the new year. Whether or not that’s true, I love wearing a red dress so why not? If red is not your color, you don’t need to choose an entire outfit – a little detail goes a long way.  It could be something as tiny as a red hair pin or lingerie, or a red lip.

Eating fish and having money in your purse are other fun superstitions, supposedly making the coming year abundant and rich. But what is most important, my favorite superstition of all, is to celebrate the change of years with loved ones and family, cheerful and grateful. Chances are your New Year will be all that, and more.


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Who else is dreaming of spring? I know the holiday season is upon us and there’s still a pretty cold winter in the way but I’m already thinking about warmer days and opportunities to wear one of these Spring gowns. The next fashion season is guaranteed to be one of diaphanous fabrics and feminine dresses, delicate lace and voile, chiffon and flowers. And plenty of sheen! I know it’s early to be thinking about our Spring wardrobes but I can’t help showing  you some of my favorite runway looks that inspire me these days. Marchesa and Monique Lhuillier make all my Disney princess dreams come true!


Marissa Webb

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If you were wondering What should I be wearing right about this time of year?, well that’s the answer! Or at least that’s what fashion experts suggest 🙂 One of the hottest trends of this Fall-Winter season, velvet is just great for wearing during the cold months. Soft and warm, for your comfort; smooth and shinny for that extra glam factor -the best of both worlds! Plus, it screams ¨Holiday Party¨! And since Thanksgiving is around the corner and then we’re smooth sailing onto Christmas, I thought I’d inspire you with some last minute fashion ideas. There are way too many fabulous choices, but here are my top twenty velvet-y looks, on and off the runway for both formal and every day wear. Enjoy!


Armani Privé

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This time of year it’s all about comfort! Food, clothing, footwear are some great ways to cope with the colder season. In fashion I’ve been inspired by simplicity lately, a ¨less is more¨ approach to color and accessories and if you’re anything like me, you’ll love some of these outfits that inspire my wardrobe. Cozy sweaters, oversized coats, flats or cool booties and no fuss accessories. You know I love gray and beige a lot so no surprise here. Plus, I haven’t met anyone that doesn’t look chic in gray!


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Hey, everyone! I hope your week is going great! Today I feel like spreading some love so I wanna share with you a very cool fashion find. I’ve recently discovered a fun blog that I’m now addicted to. Viva Luxury, written by my fashion twin – Annabelle Fleur, is a beauty and travel diary filled with {my} dream outfit inspiration and crazy good photography, so be prepared to spend there some time!!

These are just a couple of Annabelle’s outfits I’d be wearing, you know, if I lived in Paris and all…


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