Country Kitchen Charm

With each passing year I am more drawn to homes in the country. Born and raised in the city, I’ve become country at heart- without even realizing it. We’re currently living within a mile from a protected prairie zone with rabbits, squirrels and foxes running around in front of my kitchen window and for the first time I actually understand why so many choose the country life. While our position here is not a permanent one, and we might end up back in the city sometime soon, I’ll never view country life the same way again.

Anyway, the topic of today’s blog post is kitchens. Warm, inviting, cozy country kitchens. At one point or another I fantasized about each one of these beauties bellow and tried to figure out what makes them so appealing to me.


Rita Konig

There is an undeniable charm that comes with any well designed country kitchen and I think it stems from their warmth and inviting appeal. They remind me of summers spent at my grandmother’s house where there was always something delicious in the oven and freshly baked cookies were a daily treat. There was a comfortable sofa right across her work station from where I tried in vain to learn her recipes and she was always ready to tell me stories, and a joke or two, while I watched her work her magic.


Amanda Lindroth

Naturally, my own dream kitchen would have to be a little country too. Not too precious, cheerful without too much glamour. Don’t get me wrong, I do like a pretty kitchen – glamorous à la Steven Gambrel – but in my own home I prefer the more humble textures of natural wood and stone. That familiar feeling from childhood is something I’d like to recreate one day.


Anh Duong

Elizabeth Cooper's Sag Harbor Home – Lonny Magazine

Elizabeth Cooper


Parrish Chilcoat & Joe Lucas


Ramsay Gourd


Laura Ashley


Tammy Connor


Ruthie Sommers

As I see it, there are several things that build up charm in these kitchens. Beadboard (nothing more country than beadboard), simple shaker style cabinets, open shelving or glass door upper cabinets, butcher block counter tops, reclaimed hardwood flooring. Windows with a glimpse of a vegetable garden, plenty of natural light. A relaxed, casual vibe that invites. Quirky, colorful  details that have a personal meaning. What do you think? Is country your style?


Gil Schafer & Eve Ashcroft


Gary McBournie




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