Decorating With Botanicals (and an Easy DIY)

In an attempt to ignore the cold winter days, I started thinking about ways I can rush spring, and bring more greenery into my home. After our recent move from Northern California to Illinois, my beloved ferns, ficus tree and succulents got left behind so I needed other ways to get my green fix.

For a while now I have noticed chic interiors with framed botanical prints and pressed herbals as favorites for interior designers so it’s safe to say that, following the overkill of the 80s, decorating with floral prints is trendy again 🙂

Botanicals above the sofa


Botanicals 7

 Lauren Liess

Elegant with a relaxed luxury feel, their strength comes in their numbers; the more prints in a group display, the greater the impact for your décor:

Botanicals Black RH

 Restauration Hardware

Low maintenance and easy-going, botanicals blend well in most spaces:

  •  Living room (with floor to ceiling prints)

Botanicals wall

  • Hallways

Botanicals 10
Botanical 11

  • Bedrooms

Botanicals 4

  • Library

Botanicals Library

  • Workspace

Botanicals 6

  • Dining Room

Botanical 12

and with a variety of styles available, you can achieve many different looks:

a) Prints with burlap or linen backgrounds have a textural, more casual feel


Birch Lane

 b) Dark backgrounds or black and white prints behind glass give a sleek, modern vibe

Botanicals Black

Restauration Hardware

Bedroom Botanicals

How you can achieve a similar look:

  1. Catalog shopping: most major furniture and interiors stores have botanical inspired wall décor but on the downside, they can be quite pricey.
  2.  If you’re up for a little DIY, you can find botanical plates online for free here, or to purchase on eBay and Etsy. Flea markets and antiques shops are another great source of herbariums and old botanical illustration books (when you find something you like, a book friendly trick is to make quality copies). My go-to books for natural prints are:

Albertus Seba: ¨Cabinet of Natural Curiosities¨
David Attenborough: ¨Amazing Rare Things: The Art of Natural History in the Age of Discovery¨
J. Pokorny: ¨Flowering Shrubs¨

Once you’ve decided on the number of prints and have chosen your plates,  all you need is a set of matching frames and voilà! Your very own botanical collection, at a fraction of the price 🙂