First Impressions

First impressions are everything. I know this sounds harsh but research shows that when meeting new people, we decide within a few seconds how likeable, competent, successful they are. What’s even more important, our first judgement is usually accurate and when it’s not, it really doesn’t matter because we rarely change our minds!

And the same thing happens with our homes. Whether you’re decorating for the fun of it or preparing your home for the market, first impressions are the ones that get your home liked, and sold. So today’s post is about the most important ways I can think of to improve your curb appeal so that your home can make that lasting impression.

Design Café | Curb Appeal

Great exterior paint job. These days I’m really loving the look of dark exterior with crisp white trim, like the ones bellow. It feels so modern and bold.

exterior 1

{ Farrow & Ball ¨Railings¨ }

exterior 7

But lighter colors with crisp white trim can look good too!

exterior 2

Design Café | Curb Appeal

Show stopping front door. A quality front door is ALWAYS a good investment. Add to that a fun knocker and/or side lanterns and your door is ready for show!

exterior front door

Design Café | Curb Appeal

Attractive front yard landscaping. Last but equally important, a well maintained front yard is the best you can do to make your home stand out. No one likes a messy or dried out lawn.

Design Café | Curb Appeal

If tending to flower/vegetable gardens is not an option, grass and a few well placed boxwood hedges are a low-maintenance and elegant choice.

Eva Contreras | Design Café

And for those of you with an extra green thumb, window boxes are an extra mile that is worth considering. They look happy and improve your views.

Design Café | Curb Appeal

Design Café | Window Boxes

What do you guys think? Let me know in your comments if you have any other ideas about pimping up your curb appeal 🙂