Shades of Gray

Color is a serious matter when decorating a home 🙂 One of the most important decisions to make is choosing a color scheme  and for some reason gray has gotten the bad rep: dull, unremarkable, depressing are all traits we tend to associate with color gray, when in fact, nothing can be further from the truth. What we call gray is an infinite number of colors: different shades in between black and white (definitely more than 50), some warmer and softer, with a yellow glow, others cooler, closer to blues or greens.

Café Design | Go Gray

{warm gray trim and walls}

A fresh take and welcomed variation of the ¨all white¨ decor, monochromatic gray interiors can be extremely sophisticated and rich. Varying color intensity, tones and finishes (wood, metal, glass…) creates spaces that are layered and interesting.

I particularly love this warm gray kitchen bellow. The best part of a monochromatic gray canvas is that even the tiniest amounts of  hue will create an impressive effect. Like the pops of color in the flowers bellow, or the blue and dusty yellow on the chaise and pillow above.

Café Design | Go Gray

But one of my favorite ways to bring a gray background to life is using furniture pieces in a natural wood tone…

Café Design | Go Gray

{my dream office}

 If you fear a dull room situation, a neutral palette of white, grays and black can always be jazzed up by varying textures (velvet, linen, seagrass) as well as finishes (glossy, matte, … ). Flowers and greenery are an easy upgrade to any room, gray or otherwise.

Café Design | Go Gray

{gray with pops of yellow and green}

In this room designed by Monique Keegan (below), the use of different materials – a metallic cabinet and coffee table frame, glass light fixture, natural elements like seagrass carpeting, and semi-gloss window trim – creates depth and interest.

Café Design | Go Gray

{gray with pops of green}

Elegant gray sitting room (below), with a slightly purple undertone.

Café Design | Go Gray

{gray with touches of gold and violet}

In this office below, gray walls with a green undertone create a very refreshing vibe. Patterns and fabric add extra interest. Gorgeous light pendant above the desk!

Café Design | Go Gray

{gray and green}

Café Design | Go Gray

{ gray with blue, and a cute pooch | design by Bobby McAlpine and Susan Ferrier}

What a dramatic contrast between the charcoal gray wall color (below) and the vintage hutch with beautiful patina!

Café Design | Go Gray

{design by Phoebe Howard}

What are your thoughts about gray? Do you love it, hate it or shy away from it? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you 🙂