Hague Blue

When it comes to decorating with color, there are two camps out there: the play it safe folks and the fearless, ‘go bold’ group. Neither one is wrong of course, as proved by designers like Darryl Carter (a master of neutrals) and Miles Redd (the color wizard). You can create beautiful, comfortable, interesting spaces either way. However, I must admit that these days I feel attracted to camp bold. I love experimenting with color in our own place, as much as our landlord permits it, and I absolutely admire courage with color in others.

Some colors are easy to love. Delicate blues and the whole spectrum of whites are a comfortable choice for many, while other hues can be downright outrageous, if not scary. Fuchsia walls anyone? When choosing a color palette for their homes, most clients will feel uneasy at first with too much color and it’s a designer’s job to communicate their vision clearly and inspire the trust that’s needed to just let go and trust blindly the professional.

One of those outrageous hues and my latest color crush is Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue, and I’m looking for just the right client for it! It is a darker navy blue, an inky shade that might intimidate some but as proved by these rooms below it is a risk worth taking.



It is a blue with richness and depth, like all Farrow & Ball paints. I prefer it lacquered for added drama but the matte finish is also beautiful. It works well in any place one can possibly consider – kitchens, entryways, libraries, bedrooms, living rooms, powder rooms.


Jeanette Whitson

Now this room right here is my dream library. I love the coziness of that velvet sectional, and the interesting ceiling treatment with Michael S. Smith’s Jasper block print – a timeless fabric.



Blair Harris


Miles Redd

“I love the combination of the walls and velvet, and a lacquered deep blue is a favourite color of mine,” says Miles Redd. And I agree, the soft texture of velvet against the glossy lacquered walls creates the most interesting contrast!


Michael Aiduss

In this country bathroom designed by Michael Aiduss,  Hague Blue becomes a wonderful accent against the black vanity. LO-VE!


Miles Redd


Gwen Driscoll


Miles Redd

And how jaw dropping is this entryway below designed by Redd?


Miles Redd


Nate Berkus & Anne Coyle

The possibilities with this hue are endless, one can use it in country homes and sophisticated, sleek city apartments alike. It adapts so well. How do you feel about this color? Would you have it in your homes?

I’m off for the day and will try to post again tomorrow, but we’re without daycare this week and really behind with our Christmas preparations so I can’t promise anything 🙂

Have a calm rest of your week!