I’m Shopping for… Himalayan Salt Lamps

For some time now I’ve been hearing about Himalayan salt lamps and how great they are, so I’ve decided to try them out in our home. Pretty chunks of salt with light bulbs inside, they seem to possess qualities we all appreciate in our spaces: an eco-friendly light source that purifies the air, removes microscopic particles of dust and other allergens, reduces asthma symptoms, and static, and stress, neutralizes electromagnetic radiations from all our electronics, improves our moods and our sleep.

Café Design | Himalayan Salt Lamp

This all sounds amazing so I’m tempted to buy maybe a hundred (hay fever hit us pretty hard this spring) and get back to you allergy-free and with an improved mood. They are pretty inexpensive and you can find them everywhere, from Amazon, Ebay and Etsy, to Target and Walmart, and higher up! Just to be sure, though, it seems that the bigger the number of lamps and the size of the salt crystal, the greater the effect. Just making sure. Any thoughts? Have you tried it out? Most importantly, does it work? Let me know 🙂