Indigo Chic

I’m seriously crushing on the ¨indigo is the new black¨ trend these days! Everywhere I look on the internet, I see great fabrics and interiors with just the right amount of this gorgeous color so I decided it deserves today’s blog post.

Indigo 9

Sims Hildich Design

A combination of deep blue and violet, indigo apparently takes its name from a plant dye originating in India. It has the calming effect all cool colors have and, if you believe in color psychology, then you’ll believe indigo enhances intuition and perception, and stimulates creative activities. Even more good news 🙂

Its position on the spectrum between blue and violet makes it extremely versatile, working great in any color combination.

It pairs heavenly with white:

Indigo Chic


Indigo 3

Pottery Barn

but goes even better with magenta, orange, greens and yellows:

Indigo + Magenta

Amber Lewis

{Above, Indigo + Magenta makes for a happy combination}

Indigo 5

Amber Lewis

{Above, Indigo+ Magenta + Orange in this boho chic breakfast nook}

Indigo Amber Lewis

Amber Lewis

{Above, Indigo+ Magenta+Green in a dreamy bohemian bedroom}

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and feel inspired to bring this trendy color in your décor! Have a great weekend!