Kathryn M. Ireland Designs My Dream Home

Among the beautiful homes I so often write about, it is hard for me to play favorites because I’ve made it my mission to only blog about things that I love. I have and will always post about designers, home tours and architecture I feel a strong connection to. That being said, I will make an exception and say that this home, like no other, is my DREAM! I can’t believe I waited so long to write about this property, since I’ve posted bits of it six ways to Sunday on all of my social media outlets. If I had a nickel…

It’s clear to me that if I were to hire someone else to decorate my home, it would be Ireland! I adore her work, I adore her fabrics, I adore her fun and easy manner.

Some might say that with this home, she had her work cut out for her. It used to belong to Bunny Mellon and was built in incredibly good taste. Although the property is grand and lies on 26 acres of private Cape Cod waterfront, the rooms and the house itself have just the right proportions, feel cozy, intimate, unassuming. The Mellons used this as their vacay home with notable guests like Jack and Jackie Kennedy and Noel Coward. The current owners, Brigitte and Bill Koch (related to actresses Kate and Rooney Mara) bought the property for family entertaining and soon enlisted Ireland’s help to decorate its myriad of rooms.

This is where Ireland’s talent comes in. She managed to preserve Bunny Mellon’s touch while at the same time personalizing it to fit the current owner’s lifestyle and taste. Most of the furnishings in the home are either part of the Mellon estate or taken from the Koch’s family storage. The vision to unify it all, the charm, pattern and color are all Ireland!


”I believe that when you buy a house, you have to respect its past, and we wanted to show that we could totally respect the previous owners. For example, Bunny always had a tiny table in the window for her and Paul. So we have a small table by a window in the dining room. All the painted floors are original, and they are ravishing, especially in the hallway, which we kept intact. And we left the kitchen practically untouched.” (Kathryn M. Ireland for House Beautiful)


{The hallway}

”We wanted to resurrect Bunny’s old paint colors — that sort of blue-gray, almost like an English sky on a good day. She loved strié, which is the paint technique when you take the paintbrush and drag it from top to bottom to form lines.”


{Living room vignette}

”One of my favorite films of all time is The Great Gatsby — particularly that scene out by the pool with the billowing curtains. So we made those sheers with one of my Scalamandré fabrics. It has a little bit of raffia in it, but it’s sheer. You open the doors to the porch, and the wind comes in, and everything is billowing around. It’s magical.”



{A cozy reading corner}

”I always like a little bit of red in a room. It could be on a lampshade or even in a painting. ”  (Kathryn M. Ireland for House Beautiful)


{The breakfast nook}

dining room

{The dining room}



{The master bedroom}


{Twin wicker beds and mosquito nets in a charming guest bedroom}


{A fun guest bath}


{Kathryn M. Ireland in the home’s flower room}

Happy Monday!



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