Kendall Conrad’s Santa Barbara Home

Fall is setting in at last and after a stormy Sunday, we woke up to a chilly, rainy, crazy Monday morning. I had a different post prepared for today but decided at the last minute to distract myself from the cold weather outside with a sunny California abode. The beautiful  home of L.A designer Kendall Conrad.

Kendall Conrad is a model and talented entrepreneur famous for her eponymous luxury leather accessories brand that makes anything from handbags and footwear, to jewelry and accessories. With a look that encompasses clean lines, leather, brass and suede with minimal embellishments, her pieces are destined to become family heirlooms. Her products are timeless, the kind that mothers, daughters, even granddaughters could equally appreciate and enjoy. Not to mention that every piece is sustainably made in California.


The designer lives together with her husband and two teenage daughters in a beautiful Spanish eclectic style home in Santa Barbara. Born into a family of artists (a portrait artist/bullfighter father and interior designer mother)  it was only natural that through her exposure to art and extensive traveling, she would feel the creative call as well. It was during her family’s trips to Spain and seeing her dad’s bullfights that she developed an appreciation for Spanish culture and architecture- one of the many reasons she fell in love with her Mediterranean style home in the first place.

¨When I saw the house & garden I thought, ¨ This is magical. I want little children running around playing with frogs by the creek and running around the fruit trees.¨¨Kendall Conrad

Her instincts must have been right since almost twenty years later, the house is still the family’s haven.


As for the interiors, they are a natural extension of her accessories design aesthetic. Neutral, sophisticated yet relaxed. Clean-lined furniture pieces that are classic and timeless and most importantly, in keep with the architecture of the home.

¨It doesn’t matter if it’s modern or traditional; it just has to be right for the space and mix well. I think good lines work together regardless of when they were made.¨ Kendall Conrad

The color palette is neutral, composed mostly of whites, tan and browns with lots of different textures. Color comes in with books, fresh flowers in every room, moroccan rugs and eclectic art.


Located minutes from the beach and surrounded by gardens, the house has a very strong indoor/outdoor flow. Most rooms open to sunny patios, while cozy fireplaces and white stucco walls with red terra-cotta tiles are all marks of Spanish architecture.


¨People feel really cozy and at home here. The house appears small at first, but it keeps opening up to you all the way down to the creek. It never feels vast or lonely.¨ Kendall Conrad


In the library, a woven pedestal table and whimsical mobile are some of my favorite details.













I hope you enjoyed (re) visiting this serene home. Wishing you all a great week.



P.S: all pictures are from OKL.