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… Because doing laundry is so much fun! Often times, laundry rooms are among the least photographed & cared about spaces in our homes, yet there we are, spending considerable amounts of our time. I have always believed that small rooms can be the most challenging and at the same time, the most rewarding to decorate, and what better place to have fun with your décor, than the laundry room? Chores should be made as easy and as pleasant as possible, starting with a functional layout of your appliances, to the little touches, like fresh flowers, scented candles, maybe even a comfortable chair or sofa.  Why not, right?

Cafe Design | Laundry Style

Above is my dream laundry / mudroom. Simple and beautiful architectural details.

So here’s a selection of some great laundry room designs that I love.They come in different sizes and styles but there are certain common traits they share and that I think are essential for a great laundry experience 🙂

  • Beautiful cabinets for storage and clutter control, a few handsome looking baskets and bins
  • Sink and a folding station. Perhaps even a pull-out ironing board
  • Good task lighting
  • A window, or two, or more and plenty of natural light
  • And of course, the most important: the fun stuff!  Flowers, plush carpets or an interesting colorful & patterned runner, and a comfortable place to sit down and relax 🙂

Depending on the floor plan of your home, the laundry room can be either a separate room or a shared space – sometimes mudrooms or kitchens can serve as both.


Another very pretty, double duty space. Look at those awesome herringbone floors, yes please…

Cafe Design | Laundry Style

If space is an issue, the washer & dryer can be stacked as opposed to placed side-by-side. I particularly like how the laundry station becomes part of this breakfast corner, yet it is concealed behind stylish cabinet doors. That’s always another option. If appliances are dated or for some reason you prefer a cleaner look, they can be hidden behind custom made cabinet doors.

Cafe Design | Laundry Style

Cafe Design | Laundry Style

Folding cabinet doors can easily hide appliances (above and below).

Cafe Design | Laundry Style

Side-by-side appliances in this happy space.

Cafe Design | Laundry Style

Cafe Design | Laundry Style

Above, a classic looking laundry room designed by Erin Gates. Love the pretty wallpaper and linen roman shade.


And this last beauty is one of the most stylish laundry rooms to be published recently! Green cabinets painted in Sherwin Williams-Oyster bay, white marble countertop, white marble subway tile backsplash and the perfect brass library light. Here’s to doing chores in style 🙂



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