On The Move

Greetings from Indiana! My husband is giving a talk here today so we’ve decided last minute to take a family road trip (hence the absence of a Monday post).  I’ve heard some wonderful things about the campus of Notre Dame but wasn’t expecting this…


¨The University of Notre Dame du Lac (or simply Notre Dame) is a Catholic research university located adjacent to South Bend, Indiana, in the United States. In French, Notre Dame du Lac means “Our Lady of the Lake” and refers to the university’s patron saint, the Virgin Mary. The main campus covers 1,250 acres (5,100,000 m2) in a suburban setting and it contains a number of recognizable landmarks, such as the Golden Dome, the “Word of Life” mural (commonly known as Touchdown Jesus), and the Basilica. The school was founded on November 26, 1842 by Father Edward Sorin, CSC, who was also its first president, as an all-male institution on land donated by the Bishop of Vincennes (Indiana). Today, many Holy Cross priests continue to work for the university, including the president of the university.¨ (Wiki)



Due to its Catholic identity, the campus is filled with Gothic style and religious buildings. I’ll try to take some decent pictures later today and maybe write a follow-up post on the awesome architecture of this place!