Opposites Attract (Orange & Blue)

While this may or may not be true with our relationships, it is certainly true when it comes to mixing and matching colors! Light of certain wavelengths is perceived by our eyes and brain as color and it is one of the most exciting aspects of interior decorating. Color is complex and it affects the way we feel and live in a space by creating certain moods. Cool colors like blues and greens are known for their calming effect, while warmer hues such as red and orange are stimulating, bring excitement and warmth. Since color is energy and has a psychological effect on us, it needs to be treated with just a little care.

Café Design | Orange & Blue

For example, one of the most energizing color schemes, when done properly, is the combination of two opposites – like orange and blue. Two colors are called opposite, or complementary, if they are situated opposite one another on the color wheel. Red & green, blue & orange, yellow & violet, and so on… there are infinitely many colors and their complements.

And as with all complementary color schemes, when blues & oranges are used in the same space, they create a vibrant contrast. One makes the other look brighter and more intense and it can get quite tricky to strike a pleasing balance. However, one sure way to control such a palette is to choose one color as dominant and the other as accent.

Café Design | Orange & Blue

Above, in this beautiful sitting room designed by Lynn Morgan, orange dominates, while blue is used as an accent on the pillow.

Café Design | Orange & Blue

And the same principle applies in this kids bedroom. Blue is the dominant hue – on the rug- orange used with a light touch on the pillows. If you like this fresh color combo, bellow are a few other rooms that make orange & blue work in a similar way.

Café Design | Orange & Blue


Café Design | Orange & Blue

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  1. Louise Badalucco
    May 18, 2016 / 4:28 pm

    So true! My favorite combination is coral and turquoise. 🙂