Oprah’s Rose Garden

I love strong, smart and ambitious women, and I love Oprah! She’s accomplished more than most of us only dream of creating in a lifetime, and she did it all despite humble beginnings and numerous obstacles. She’s beautiful, kind and incredibly business savvy and I was thrilled to see that the September / October issue of Veranda features a tour of her Montecito rose garden – it is spectacular!

I do not know much about roses, not being a gardener myself, but I can certainly appreciate a beautiful garden and the effort that goes into creating one.

Oprah purchased the 65-acres Montecito estate back in 2001 and was at first intimidated by the estate’s allotted rose garden. Alas, it was empty and so Oprah reached out to master rosarian Dan Bifano who had previously worked for the likes of Tom Ford and Barbara Streisand. Together they have created over the years a sanctuary filled with prized roses, neatly clipped boxwood, dahlias, lilies, daffodils and irises. To fill the garden with color year long, Bifano planted a mix of blooming perennials and annuals, and kept the beds contained within borders of boxwood and myrtle topiaries. Arbors overlooking the Pacific offer shelter and discovery. Paradise found! Now I’m ready to see the interiors, please!

Cafe Design | Oprah's Gardens 3

Cafe Design | Oprah's Gardens 2

Cafe Design | Oprah's Gardens 4

Cafe Design | Oprah's Gardens 5

Cafe Design | Oprah's Gardens 6

Cafe Design | Oprah's Gardens 7

Cafe Design | Oprah's Gardens 1

You can read  the entire story here.

Have a peaceful weekend!



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  1. September 22, 2017 / 4:20 pm

    Ms. Winfrey’ entire property is just stunning. It’s so beautiful it doesn’t feel real…like stepping into a movie set! Gorgeous photos!

    • Eva Contreras
      September 22, 2017 / 6:56 pm

      Right? It can’t be real, it cannot be that that’s someone’s “backyard”!!!