Organic Skin Care…Yes, Please!

(Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post! ) As you probably know already, so much of what we think is good for us is actually depleting us of our health. In particular, skin care products are really important in that category since most of us ladies wear one form or another of ¨makeup¨. Our skin is permeable, which means that everything we apply on it (day cream, night cream, foundation, lipstick,  anything) is absorbed into our bloodstream. And even though the quantities we use each day are small, over time we fill our bodies with things like petroleum, aluminum, lead and God knows what other toxins that are now known to be extremely harmful. Since I’m not gonna quit wearing makeup anytime soon, I’ve been experimenting with different cosmetic brands that are natural and organic, looking more carefully at their ingredients, rather than distract myself with yummy scents and fancy labels (something I’ve been guilty of doing for a looong time).


Vapour Siren Lipstick

Enter Vapour (Organic Beauty), an award winning cosmetic brand that creates skin care products using organic ingredients, essential oils and minerals, in a sustainable and ethical manner. I’ve been a huge fan of their foundation, which has worked for me better than any other brand I’ve tried, organic or not (I have sensitive skin, and I tend to blush a lot so I need something that can hide that) but their lipstick and eye shadows are sublime! Rich colors and creamy textures, plus the assurance that they are as safe as they are pretty!

So… in case you’re tempted to try their products, I put together some of my favorite Vapour goodies with links below! You’re welcome! 🙂

Café Design | Organic Skin Care

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