My inspiration this week! It has been an unusually active hurricane & earthquake season, continuous prayers for those recovering in the aftermath of Harvey, as well as Mexico’s strong earthquake last night! Please help however you can! Strength for the Southeast Coast of the States as Irma is approaching Florida, Georgia and South Carolina…

In the world of design, there was quite some activity as well… new book releases by two celebrated American architects James Farmer and Gil Schafer (am I the only one surprised that they share a title?). After nine years of working on its design with Daniel Romualdez, the Southampton home of Tory Burch is nearly finished and we got a peek earlier this week through the October issue of Architectural Digest. My own inspiration this week has been all over the place – Gil Schafer’s Maine home, antique Turkish and Portuguese tiles, white kitchens and stunning marble backsplashes; and fashion of course. I’ve discovered a very stylish design follow in the presence of Nati Abascal, a Spanish socialite with exquisite style.

Cafe Design | Blue and White Tile

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Earlier this week I wrote a blog post about a renowned architect and his departure from the historical house rooted in local vernacular and into modern territory. Funny enough, today’s post is about a story that in many ways does the opposite. Celebrated American conductor and harpsichordist William Christie made France his home soon after graduating from college and has (successfully) devoted his entire career to the revival of  17th and 18th -century French baroque music. After discovering the Vendee region and renting several homes over the years, he came across Le Batiment, a beautiful yet unlivable ruin.

Cafe Design | French Chateau | Exterior

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Gil Schafer’s latest book – A Place to Call Home – is out this September and with that we get a glimpse into seven wonderful projects set in different locations across the country and spanning styles that are vastly different. I am beyond happy to revisit the Mill Valley home that Schafer conceived for Blythe Harris and her family, but this past week we also got a glimpse into another home from his book through a New York Times article. It is Schafer’s own seaside house in Brooklin Maine. It is beautiful of course but it will surprise many who are familiar with this utterly traditional architect because it is… well, modern! Yeap, that’s true Gil Schafer went modern! As he says, you cannot experiment with your client so you better experiment on your own home and see where that leads. In this particular case, what started as an unattractive rental property ended in a lovely project that is a departure from Schafer’s more historically appointed houses.

Cafe Design Gil Schafer Views

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I’ve recently discovered French model Jeanne Damas through her fashion label Rouje and I’m smitten. Often compared to  Jane Birkin (for obvious reasons), Damas is the epitome of youthful Parisian style – chic, effortless and so cool. Plus, everything she wears looks comfortable and feminine without trying to hard. I just love every piece of her collection.

“Rouje is really a love letter to French girls, combining classic, iconic staples with contemporary, youthful design. It’s also the result of a collaboration between French girls, as Damas recruited friends such as the photographer Adeline Mai as collaborators.”  via WMagazine

Cafe Design | Jeanne Damas 3

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