There’s nothing like the magic of Nantucket… My feed is filled with beautiful island cottages, it seems like everyone was on Nantucket for the 4th of July celebrations. Bought for 30 English pounds and two beaver hats back in 1692 (thanks Nantucket Nectars for that bit of wisdom), it’s hard to put a price on this beautiful place. Filled with homes and streets that belong to another world, life on Nantucket flows at a different pace… Shingle clad cottages, white trim and picket fences,  tantalizing hydrangeas and climbing roses can make one drunk with beauty. I would never want to leave!

Cafe Design | Nantucket

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Happy Monday, friends! Summer is in full swing here in the Midwest and all thoughts (mine at least) are about fresh coastal living. Nothing like a cool summer breeze and the vicinity of water to make heat bearable. This is why I decided to revisit a fresh Southampton home designed by Ashley Whittaker. Beautifully photographed by Eric Piasecki and published in House Beautiful, this home has been in my inspiration files for years and I’m sure many of you can still remember its stunning rooms.

Ashley Whittaker is a talented name in the contemporary design industry, one of my favorites. Her work is a modern take on traditional decor with a bold use of color and pattern that is very appealing to me. Her three-part formula for updating older homes for 21st century living is, according to House Beautiful, via a gutsy palette, fearless pattern mixing and a relaxed attitude. Café Design approves!

Cafe Design | Ashley Whittaker - Southampton | Pool side

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Have you ever had one of those? I can still remember the day I came across this cute little cottage, and thought it was my dream home. A decade ago I was unhappy pursuing a different career, one that was completely wrong for me but brought me where I am today. Reading about design was a joy full hobby.

Along the years, the story of Bee Cottage and her wonderful owner has been told in many different ways, from a year-long column in House Beautiful almost a decade ago, to a highly praised and much enjoyed book published in the fall of 2015. Numerous design blogs worldwide have dissected its decor and pages were written about the beauty of Bee, but what makes it beautiful to me is its soul. It may sound funny to some, but certain homes have a soul. The personality, love and care of their owner shines trough and imbues a positive vibe. Those homes are not necessarily opulent or richly decorated but they have something that money can’t buy. They feel warm, welcoming and happy, and that is what made Bee appealing to me over the years. The thing I cannot believe is that as of last week, Bee is for sale (if it has not sold already!). Bee will no longer be, at least not as we’ve come to know her.

bee house

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Thursday greetings, dear friends! I trust you’ve had a relaxing and fun 4th of July, and are now back to real life, hard at work! (Good for you if you’re not!!!) We had a great extended weekend filled with friends and good bakes. I’ve tried Ina Garten’s flag cake and the thing was delicious!!!! Will be doing it again for my daughter’s birthday later this month. She’s asking for a troll design (Princess Poppy), so fingers crossed 🙂 Anyway, I’m trying to get myself together but the holidays and the sultry summer days are getting to me. So today I’ll skip my blogging schedule and just write about last night, when I practically inhaled the July/August issue of House Beautiful.

Their latest issue features a whimsical Wisconsin lake house designed by Summer Thornton, with a little preview on the cover. I loved it from the moment I saw the magazine. Summer Thornton is a talented Chicago-based designer voted as one of the best young designers in the U.S.  I’ve seen some of her work before, but this one is hats down my favorite! Relaxed and fun, yet elegant and traditional.

Filled with color and layered patterns, this house is a happy weekend getaway for a retired couple, their family and friends. To create a place that fits a large crowd with a variety of tastes, the designer used vibrant hues and a mix of traditional and contemporary pieces. Some of the furnishings were custom made to harmonize with the home’s grand scale. For the happy owners, summers by the lake just got better!

Cafe Design | Lake House Porch

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Happy 4th of July festivities! I’ve thought and thought about today’s postings and decided to show you a sneak peek of one of the most beautiful show houses ever designed. This year, Coastal Living Magazine celebrates its 20th anniversary and is marking the occasion with a very special Idea House set in historical Newport, Rhode Island. For this project, Coastal Living has teamed up with designer Mark D. Sikes for the interiors, A. Tesa Architecture and Horan Building company to design, build and decorate a stunning bay-front home that will be for sale soon after the showhouse visits end. The grounds were designed by Infinity design group, landscape and architecture firm.

One of the special things about this home is that it is entirely decorated in blue and white. Pattern on pattern and lots of natural textures add interest to the blue and white color scheme throughout. Stripes, gingham and floral prints feel right at home and create a preppy New England nautical feel.

The showhouse is open until September 4th so if you’re anywhere near Newport during the summer, make sure to check this beauty out. I’m not sure we’re gonna make it to the east coast this summer and since I can’t wait patiently for Coastal Living’s September issue, I did some Instagram sleuthing and found several shots of this lovely house. Rather than spoiling this home for you, I think it is going to make you want to get to Newport asap!

Cafe Design | Coastal Living Idea House 2017 Sneak Peeks | Hallway

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