Midweek’s greetings! If April showers really do bring May flowers, than we’re off to a great start! For today’s post, I thought about a sunny kitchen that doesn’t look like a kitchen at all. It is a project published a few years ago in Architectural Digest but I unearthed it from my collection because it has a cheery, easy Spring feel to it.

For the kitchen of this Sag Harbor townhouse, New York designer Michael Lee created a space that is both open and bright, a nod to Lee’s Southern California influences. The original room had high ceilings but was closed-off from the rest of the property. Lee opened it up by installing French doors that lead onto a perfectly landscaped patio (the work of Marco Nievera). He also lowered the ceilings and divided the large room into different areas for a friendlier scale and coziness. A striped dhurrie extends into the kitchen’s sitting room where the white sofa and slipcovered chairs contribute to the overall relaxed vibe. Isn’t this fabulous?


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Over the past few months, my collection of ”dream homes” has grown so much that it’s time I share some of these babies with you! When it comes to houses, the ugly truth is that curb appeal is key. No matter how beautiful a home is on the inside, I believe the outside has to match it! White picket fences, flower and veggie gardens, manicured boxwood, potted box, a great front door, fresh coats of paint, shutters, hydrangea bushes and a neat driveway are all ways in which we can enhance our home’s appeal from the get-go.

Based on their location and materials used, these houses are all very different in architectural styles. Some are cozy looking cottages, some are grand mansions but they all share their owners’ common attention to details – every choice from the color palette of the exterior to the vegetation has been well-thought out to tell a story. Even before we could ring the bell, we get a glimpse of how the home is lived-in on the inside.


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”My family’s home in Palm Beach inspired the AERIN collection by Williams Sonoma. The sound of the ocean, the beautiful green grass- everywhere you look it’s blue skies and blue seas. It’s truly paradise to me.”  – Aerin Lauder


Inspired by the women in her life, her grandmother Esthée (the amazing business woman that created Esthée Lauder beauty empire we know today) and her mother, Aerin Lauder’s dinnerware collection is a marriage of timeless traditional elements like the blue and white palette and scalloped edges with a more modern point of view. The result is a fantastic collection off which I covet every piece!

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Next to blue, green is one of those colors so many of us love, and for good reason! On that note, this layered Southampton living room designed by Markham Roberts has been on my mind this week. It feels fresh and vibrant, without it being overwhelming. The main color story is dictated by a pleasant green repeated on the upholsteries and greenery, grounded with natural wood tones and honey-hued sisal.

mark big

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Maurits Cornelis Escher, aka as M.C. Escher, is one of the world’s most famous graphic artists and my choice for this week’s ‘Inspired By’ post. Best known for his mathematically inspired woodcuts, lithographs and mezzotints that feature so-called impossible constructions, explorations of infinity, architecture and tessallations, his work is enjoyed by a large audience, far and wide.

I first came in contact with Escher’s work at the end of forth grade when my aunt gave me an album with his most famous prints. Headache inducing at the time, it grew on me over the years as I understood better some of the concepts explored through his art. Escher had a lifelong fascination with pattern and tilings, to the point of obsession (as the artist himself admitted). His love of symmetry and interlocking patterns resulted in beautiful tessellations (tilings of flat surfaces with geometric shapes without overlaps or gaps) of flora and fauna that to this day are among my favorites from his large body of work.



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