With a few exceptions, the season of showhouses from East coast to West and around is coming to an end and since none of them were reasonably close to our current residence, I’ve decided to write about last year’s San Francisco showhouse which I actually got to visit in person. Three times!

Every year for the past 37 years, a group of West coast’s finest interior designers take over one of San Francisco’s  mansions and work their magic to transform the interiors. Open until Memorial Day, the home then gets toured & enjoyed by other designers and design enthusiasts. The proceedings from every year’s showhouse are donated to a great cause, the San Francisco’s University high school financial aid program that has helped hundreds of students along the years.

So… last year’s SF Decorator Showhouse took place in an Elizabethan mansion in Presidio Heights designed by the famed architect Julia Morgan. The home was built in 1917, has three stories, six bedrooms & eight bathrooms and stunning vistas of the Golden Gate bridge! With so many incredible and over the top designs to choose from, and a finite amount of pictures that can fit into a post, I had trouble narrowing down my preferences to those I absolutely 100% loved. I feel sorry I had to leave out a few rooms!

Upon entering, you are greeted by this high impact foyer and staircase designed  by Candace Barnes:

Café Design | SF Decorator Showhouse

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Today’s fashion post is a major shout-out to the celebrated fellow Romanian and fashion designer Maria Lucia Hohan- whom I’ve been admiring from the very early days of her brand. Great example of talent and entrepreneurship, she has created a label now known all over the globe as MLH.

After graduating from ¨Institute Superior des Artes Textile Appliques¨, Paris with a diploma in textile design, Maria worked shortly in Milan for a famous fashion house before deciding to return to Romania and fulfill her dream of owning her own label. She was only 23 when she opened her workshop in Bucharest back in 2003 and even though her success story has modest beginnings, hard work, loads of courage and talent, and a savvy entrepreneur mind set have made MLH one of the greatest Romanian fashion ambassadors around the world.

Café Design | Maria Lucia Hohan

{Connie Briton}

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Happy Tuesday, friends! 4th of July has come and gone and hopefully you all had a blast. Even though we celebrated this year from afar and ahead of time, with the +8h difference, we feel incredibly lucky to be living in this country!

Now, today’s blog post has been a long time in the making. I had a ton of inspiration to work with and wanted to make sure I find the best way  to present it. If you’ve been following for some time, you probably know that I like to break things down into categories. Making lists is the only way I can keep my life sane and I blame/thank my analytical training for this handy little gift.

So whenever I look at a space I  love, I try to understand the reasons why a room works and appeals to me. Finding logic in interior design is easier than it may seem so I tried to apply the same deconstructing technique to figure out what makes these entryways so great. Came up with these thoughts 🙂

  1. Bold wall treatments. A statement wallpaper, paneling, or wainscoting, or all of the above, contribute to a great first impression.

Café Design | Entry Envy

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Wishing you all back in the US a very happy 4th of July! As it happens to be my first day back to work after my summer  break, I’m going to ease into blogging with a most ¨original¨ post on Americana decor and share with you my favorite rooms donning the classic red, blue and white combo. Shockingly clever, right?! 🙂


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Those of you who have been following along for a while will probably remember Michelle Adams and her delightful home makeover I wrote about here. The good news is that this uber stylish girl has curated a line of home furnishings and accessories for OKL (for all of us who love her signature look) and redecorated her already beautifully sophisticated Ann Arbor abode for a subsequent photo shoot. So here I am,  passing along this great update with new photos really worth looking into – proof that once you get your home’s bones right, everything else falls into place easier.

Café Design | Michelle Adams -Home Tour

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