One of my favorite places to spend my money, Etsy has some crazy good shops for handmade jewelry. And since I’ve been swooning over some  gorgeous pieces this past weekend, I thought I’d pass along my go-to jewel shops, just in case you’re feeling like spending some $$s 🙂

ElizabethStoneJewels – LA girl Elizabeth Stone is the maker of some awesome boho chic pieces. Lots of stones and crystals, statement  necklaces and bracelets that would look great paired with a casual tee and some jeans.

Etsy Jewels

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While this may or may not be true with our relationships, it is certainly true when it comes to mixing and matching colors! Light of certain wavelengths is perceived by our eyes and brain as color and it is one of the most exciting aspects of interior decorating. Color is complex and it affects the way we feel and live in a space by creating certain moods. Cool colors like blues and greens are known for their calming effect, while warmer hues such as red and orange are stimulating, bring excitement and warmth. Since color is energy and has a psychological effect on us, it needs to be treated with just a little care.

Café Design | Orange & Blue

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Those of you who know me even the slightest bit, know I’m not a gardener. It’s not that I don’t like the idea of gardening, it’s just that I’ve never actually had a garden of my own. In fact, I’ve rarely managed to keep my indoor plants alive for too long (to my dismay). Yet, lately I’m going through a phase in which I find myself interested in all things garden and gardening. Maybe it’s the fact that for the first time ever we’ve traded big city living with life in a small town, in the middle of (what’s left of) the prairie, but I am browsing the internet and collecting garden design ideas like a madwoman. And that’s how I’ve recently discovered the charm and beauties of an old world English knot garden.

Café Design | For the Love of Gardens

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I know I said I’m off for the day but couldn’t resist sharing with you some neighborhood goodness 🙂 The weather cleared up so this morning I could snap these on my way to work. See what I have to put up with?!? In all seriousness, I’m fantasizing about redecorating each and every one of these (lol…lots of love… 🙂  ) #housecravings

Cute Cape

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As part of my highly irregular Fabric Friday series, today I’m going to write about a pattern that we all know & wear – tartan.  I’m also going to show you a colorful home that boasts lots of it.

Most of you recognize tartan as the familiar pattern one sees on Scottish kilts. It is original to Scotland and it consists of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors. At first tartan was woven in wool but these days you can find it made with many different fibers and colors, printed on many different mediums (textiles, plastic, paper, wall coverings and glass to name  a few…). As it happens, the San Francisco apartment of Scottish designer Scot Meacham Wood is an ode to this timeless pattern so I though it would make a great addition to today’s post.

Scottish babe

Scottish babe with kilt

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