Open floor plans and light color palettes are all the rage these days. No walls means less visual clutter, homes that are more spacious and conducive to conversation. And as much as I like all that, every now and then I find myself drawn to labyrinth homes, with floor plans that offer surprise and discovery. Floor plans that separate you from the outdoors, making you happy and forgetful of where you came from. And the same goes with color palettes. Light and bright is great, but darker, moodier rooms are equally appealing to me.

By far, my favorite spaces for going dark with your palette are home offices and libraries. As long as the furnishings and accessories are kept neutral, the look is fabulous and sophisticated, without being too overwhelming.

Café Design | Dark and Moody

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Let this be my new uniform! Effortless and casual, and fresh, works for any body type and it’s super easy to put together. Hey, she looks like she wasn’t even trying 🙂  I have most of the items in my wardrobe already (well, except that Luis Vuitton jewel of a bag, but I’m working on it )

Fashion Outfit 2

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OK, I am officially late to this party and probably most of you have already seen it since it was all over the design blog land this past couple of months, but it is too good to let it slide. House Beautiful kicked off this year with a lovely spread about Michelle Adams’ home makeover in its February issue and I fell in LOVE ( as I usually do in the presence of a beautiful house 🙂 Former Editor in Chief of DOMINO and co-founder of LONNY, Michelle Adams traded her bustling Manhattan life with the slower paced Midwest and purchased a colonial style house in her hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Even though the home itself doesn’t look as bad as many fixer-uppers do, there were lots of structural issues that needed to be addressed, like electrical rewiring and a complete kitchen makeover. The transformation is INCREDIBLE!

Café Design | Ann Arbor Colonial

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Starting out in the interior design world has some amazing side effects! For one, as I’m trying to define my style, I keep my eyes peeled to anything and everything that moves on Pinterest and Instagram. Discovering interior designers whose work I can relate to, and feel inspired by, is part of the learning curve. So last week, as I was doing some research for a project, I came across the work of a boutique design firm, Willard and Palmer Design, based in Chevy Chase, MD.  There was a LOT in their portfolio that I liked so I thought I’d share with you some of their goodness. Because I’m nice that way 🙂

Café Design | Monday Goodies

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Is it just me, or country style decor is having it big these days? I’m not particularly into the rustic look, but I might just change my mind after seeing the latest Elle Decor feature on the work of designer Virginia Tupker of Virginia Tupker Interiors. While country style itself can mean different things in different parts of the world ( French, English, Swedish country and so on ), the All-American rustic decor is characterized by understated interiors, furniture pieces with clean, straight lines and minimal ornamentation, exposed beams and hardwood heart of pine flooring with an overall natural, simple look. But simple doesn’t mean less sophisticated, on the contrary! There’s a recent avalanche of great American country décor that is both chic and country charming.

Country 17

Virginia Tupker Interiors

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