Blue is my color, no doubt about it. Going trough my files of spaces I’ve collected over the years, I can’t help noticing the overwhelming number of blue rooms and fabrics I love. On Monday I wrote about a monochromatic house painted the perfect gray and this project by Lauren Liess came to my mind as another home designed around a client’s love for one specific color. Designer Lauren Liess of Lauren Liess Interiors calls this project The Blue Bungalow and mentions on her blog that it is a historic home she has worked on over the course of several years.  It shows as the decor feels collected over time and beautifully layered. Parts of it have been published in Country Living Magazine, as well as in Lauren’s book Habitat-The Field Guide to Decorating.

In the living area below, Liess replaced the usual sofa+chairs with one of my favorite sitting situations. I can’t think of anything cozier than four comfortable armchairs grouped around the fireplace. Grasscloth wallpaper and layered rugs intensify the inviting  feeling of the room.


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Although technically not a trend as they’ve been around for ages, lately I’ve started noticing painted floors in many rooms I love.  The upkeep could easily turn into a nightmare (kids, pets, perhaps messy husbands), yet there’s plenty of appeal in designing a space around them. For one, painted floors demand a good deal of attention and are great at creating moods. White floors feel easy-breezy and make us think of island life. Dark or black floors create moody, dramatic, cozy vibes. Stripes and diamond patterns are playful and relaxed.

While I would never ruin perfectly good hardwood flooring, painting could also be a lifesaver for concealing beat-up boards that otherwise would cost a pretty buck replacing. Or perhaps you’d like to change your floors anyway and plan a little experiment beforehand. Whatever the reasons for painting your floors, here are some great instances that worked wonders. I could hardly imagine any of these rooms with a different floor treatment. Could you? 🙂


Betsy Burnham

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Let’s get this week started, shall we? Today’s home tour is something very special, different than the homes I usually write about. For one, it is a rental that puts all of us renters to shame. Second, it is entirely monochromatic-every room is painted the same gray color!!!!

Newlyweds Jill Sharp Weeks and Ray Weeks moved into this 1740s rental in historic downtown Charleston for a merely 16 months while their own home project is being completed. Famous for her creative direction in national ad campaigns, editorial styling and residential interior design, it is no surprise that Ms. Weeks got to work right away with the interiors. Using gallons of paint (Sherwin-Williams Pussy Willow) and a tonal approach that included black & white and textured neutrals, she transformed the interiors of this rental into a dream home. I would have a really hard time moving out! Lol


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It’s no secret that I’m a huge admirer of Steven Gambrel’s work. A few weeks back, I wrote a blog post about a beautiful country kitchen designed by S.R. Gambrel and it got me thinking about all his other fabulous kitchen designs. His residential work spans over many continents and includes both country and town projects and there was no shortage in finding some of the most gorgeous kitchens among them.


Townhouse, New York City

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Fall is my great excuse to start wearing black again. As much as I love color in my home, it’s a different story with my clothing. Beige, gray, white and black. Lots of black. That’s about all the colors you can see in my wardrobe on any given day or season. Black dresses in particular are some of my favorites and I gathered a few different ways of styling them depending on their length, fit and style. Kendall Conrad is at the top of my list. I could wear black like this for days. Uniform.


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