Hey, friends! I have a question for you! Should your bedside tables match? Or is the symmetric look too matchy-matchy? What do you think? This is something I’ve been contemplating a lot lately, especially since I’m trying to make up my mind about some choices in our own bedroom. The room is on the cozy side, with just enough space to squeeze in our queen bed and two nightstands, and since I already have a dresser filling in as a bedside surface, right now I’m torn between ordering its twin or keep looking for something similar but not quite the same…

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 Nathan Turner

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Summertime is time for easy livin’ ! For the Northern half of us, summer has arrived (unofficially, but still) and with that the time to live it nice and easy outdoors. We’ve been having some lovely weather lately so I felt inspired to gather some of my most coveted outdoor living spaces. A great way to extend our home’s footprint, patios are ideal for summertime entertaining.

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As of late, Country Living is one of the cool places to find hidden real estate gems! Just the other day, as I was browsing their archives, I came across a beautiful farmhouse that immediately caught my decorator’s eye. A cute little 1930s Connecticut cottage, the home belongs to interior designer Dana Simpson & her husband, and it’s a beautiful blend of modern minimalism and more traditional elements. Now, I’m not a modern girl at heart but this home has a great balance between simplified (modern) bones and displays of antiques, mixed with carefully edited vintage collections. I absolutely love it!

The all white exterior is enlivened by a cheerful front door. Clearly cottages and color are best friends!

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Happy Fabric Friday, y’all!  Inspired by nature and my season’s favorite, peonies, I thought today I’d give a shout-out to chintz. Over the last hundred years or so, ¨chintz¨ has come to mean any floral printed cotton fabric used for upholstery and window treatments. What we nowadays call English chintz, is in fact an imitation of floral cotton textiles produced in India long before they became popular in Europe.

Café Design | In Full Bloom- Chintz Goodness

Schumacher- Pyne Hollyhock Print in Indigo

In the 18th century, English spice merchants started using Indian chintz (hand-drawn and dyed cotton fabric with exotic colorful patterns) as a trade commodity and once in England, these textiles became all the rage. At first used as wall and bed coverings, they soon became part of the European fashion (Madame Pompadour – the 18th century fashionista- is wearing a gorgeous dress believed to be chintz, in a famous painting by Francois Hubert Drouais)

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¨More is more. Less is never more – less is obviously less. Who wants less?¨- Michelle Nussbaumer

Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorator Kathryn M. Ireland for sure doesn’t and she turned me around. I usually go for a more restrained décor yet I can’t help but love Kathryn’s unorthodox ways with color and pattern. She has fun creating interiors that are breezy, happy and such a feast for the eyes!

Café Design | More Is More

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