For many of us, one of the most fun parts of interior decorating is fabric selection. But it can also be a confusing part, especially when you’re first starting out and have all these different patterns, colors and textures to choose from. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about fabric and ways to successfully mix them. Like a PRO, that is.

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 Kathryn M. Ireland

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Thanks to Better Homes and Gardens February issue, now we all know how Hollywood super starlet turned billion dollar business woman Jessica Alba sleeps. Ahem, in style of course. BHG gave us a peek into her lovely LA home in which by far my favorite space was her bedroom.

Design Café | Star Style - Jessica Alba

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Gilmore Girls fans, have you heard the good news?! Rejoice, Sookie St. James is back! As you may know, Netflix is preparing a revival with four episodes in the works directed by the show’s original creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino. Most of the cast will be returning to Stars Hollow and as of this Friday (after some scheduling conflicts), Melissa McCarthy is officially a part of the team! Truth be told, I could never imagine the show without bubbly, funny, dream bestie Sookie.

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First impressions are everything. I know this sounds harsh but research shows that when meeting new people, we decide within a few seconds how likeable, competent, successful they are. What’s even more important, our first judgement is usually accurate and when it’s not, it really doesn’t matter because we rarely change our minds!

And the same thing happens with our homes. Whether you’re decorating for the fun of it or preparing your home for the market, first impressions are the ones that get your home liked, and sold. So today’s post is about the most important ways I can think of to improve your curb appeal so that your home can make that lasting impression.

Design Café | Curb Appeal

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