Today I’m gonna show you a tiny home in Laguna Beach, CA that proves style doesn’t necessarily mean lots of real estate footage. At only 950 sqft or so, this cozy house was built in 1946 as a holiday home for LA’ s affluent and has been thoughtfully renovated to meet modern day conveniences as a year long residence. Designer Clark Collins, whose firm specializes in historical restorations in the Laguna, purchased the home in a state of neglect and carefully upgraded its structure, refurbishing vintage pieces to keep the charm.

” My goal on this project was to restore the home to how it would have felt when it was built in 1946 (with a few modern conveniences!).”  Clark Collins of Collins Design & Development

Beach Cottage Front Exterior

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One of my favorite things in design school was hand rendering. Even though it’s slowly becoming a lost art (with the avalanche of software available), there’s a special, deeply personal and tactile quality to hand drawings that computers simply cannot reproduce.

Michelle Morelan Bedroom Rendering

Michelle Morelan

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In an attempt to ignore the cold winter days, I started thinking about ways I can rush spring, and bring more greenery into my home. After our recent move from Northern California to Illinois, my beloved ferns, ficus tree and succulents got left behind so I needed other ways to get my green fix.

For a while now I have noticed chic interiors with framed botanical prints and pressed herbals as favorites for interior designers so it’s safe to say that, following the overkill of the 80s, decorating with floral prints is trendy again 🙂

Botanicals above the sofa


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When it comes to interior design, there’s nothing I love more than a good Before & After! In a recent issue of Country Living Magazine I spotted a fabulous home makeover by one of my favorite interior designers, Sara Story, and had to share. The home belongs to her sister Lisa, and while she’s one lucky lady with a designer sibling to redo her home free of charge, what makes this makeover even better is that it requires no major renovations. Except the addition of new floors, most of the transformation is achieved with little more than paint, wallpaper and a few smart furniture buys. Plus, it looks like something we could all feel inspired to do, without too great of an expense!

sara story

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