Pattern Fix

With so many fabrics and different patterns to choose from these days, being an interior designer (or anyone planning a home makeover for that matter) can be both exciting and scary at the same time. Luckily, there are a few textiles around that have become trusted staples as some of the most talented designers have been using them in their projects time and time again. One such exquisite print is Henriot Floral by Quadrille. Like many others, I am bonkers over this one and love seeing it used as much as possible, both on upholstery and draperies (wallpaper too). The pattern itself is a delicate, stylized floral with just the right size to make it eye-catching on chairs and window treatments alike. There are five color ways available, ranging from a cool mix of blues and turquoise to warmer colors like lilac, peach and pink, all on ecru. The designer approved way of using this oversized floral is by pairing it with subtler geometric prints and solids. But you know, we all appreciate different things so do what you love best 🙂


Henriot Floral by Quadrille

This dreamy bedroom, designed by Christopher Maya, beautifully mixes a geometric splatter pattern on the walls with the feminine Henriot Floral. Every little detail in this room is perfect, down to the blue ribbon that contours the trims.


This charming little dining room in the L.A home of designer Krista Ewart, is lovely, especially with the window seat and Henriot Floral pillows. I have never met a window seat I didn’t love and this one’s no exception.


Next up, blues and greens mix so well in this living room designed by Lynn Morgan. A pair of club chairs and pillows bring in the pretty Henriot chintz.


A close-up of one of these chairs reveals the beauty of this pattern on upholstery.


Designers John Knott and John Fondas went all out by using the Henriot wallpaper version mixed with warmer wood details. LO-VE!


This coastal bedroom is looking pretty darn cute – design by Phoebe Howard.


Another gorgeous upholstery close-up!


This is the same bedroom, with a different photo shoot styling. The blues look darker and warmer, which I love.




As you could see, the blue and turquoise prints are more frequently seen in magazines but I tried to find a few pretty rooms with the warmer palette (not that easy 🙁 ).





So, what do you think about the Henriot Floral? Have you used it in your projects? Would you? Let me know 🙂 I’m off for the week, see you all on Monday. Don’t forget to stay warm this weekend!




  1. November 18, 2016 / 1:43 pm

    While I’m not much of a pattern gal in my own homes, I can appreciate them in other people’s. Those blues are gorgeous!

    • Eva Contreras
      November 18, 2016 / 1:49 pm

      Thanks, Elizabeth! Blues are hard not to love – no matter your taste and style. Have a great weekend :*