Punta Cana Dream

As I was writing Monday’s post about Bunny Williams and John Rosselli’s home in Punta Cana, I stumbled upon another beautiful home in paradise. It is a Punta Cana vacation home built from the ground up by French-born decorator Genevieve Faure for clients that share their time between Switzerland and the Dominican Republic. The result –  a wonderful property that plays with scale and proportions, built using a bounty of local materials like Dominican Aguayo cement tiles painted in vivid colors and patterns. The home spans over seven different constructions in a turn-of-the century European style that blends Greek, Italian and South of France influences in a wonderful mishmash of architectural history, as Faure herself describes it.

Cafe Design | Punta Cana | Pool

Faure has an incredible sensibility when it comes architectural design. The entire work for this home was done to the her exact specifications, from the architectural detailing and use of local materials to the last piece of furniture, designed by Faure and built locally by Dominican craftsmen. It all feels fresh and calming, the furniture and patterns are minimal, with plenty of negative space to rest the eyes. In fact, Faure had several mirrors built into the walls, a favorite technique that enhances perception by playing with reflections. She also had back-to-back sofas built on concrete bases and wrapped in exotic textiles.  “You’d don’t want too much fabric here, she says. It’s humid!”

Cafe Design | Punta Cana | Living Room Large

Cafe Design | Punta Cana | Exterior

Cafe Design | Punta Cana | Living Room

Cafe Design | Punta Cana | Master Bedroom

Cafe Design | Punta Cana | Bath

Cafe Design | Punta Cana | Kitchen

Cafe Design | Punta Cana | Bedroom

Cafe Design | Punta Cana | Staricase

Cafe Design | Punta Cana | Patio

“This is a place to read books by the pool, work in the garden, and watch the sea spray on rocks”, says Genevieve Faure of her client’s home. “ On such a beautiful island, it’s nature rather than fabrics or wall coverings that become truly absorbing. “  (Genevieve Faure for Architectural Digest)

It is all so beautiful, I have to agree!!!



P.S: The original story was published in Architectural Digest. Photography by Oberto Gili.

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