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Happy Tuesday, friends!

As I mentioned before, I’m planning a living room refresh and I’m torn between a blue & white scheme vs natural neutrals. Tucked in my old files, I found this magazine cover I’ve been saving for years with a fun room that could work beautifully today. And the best part, it has a little bit of both – blues for a nautical feel, neutrals for a relaxed look. The story was published in 2011 in Homes & Gardens (British edition) and describes in detail how to make the most of stripes and neutrals. I thought you’d like to have a look!


My favorite details in this space are the high ceilings and large windows. The thin stripe on the wallpaper is a lovely classic detail. How to achieve this look?

‘’It all starts with the color palette. A mix of neutrals with a splash of navy creates a calm American-style feel. Next, a few well-chosen antique-style pieces lend an air of gravitas to this comfortable scheme. Last, the finishing touch! Accessorizing with mirrors and silver metallic pieces introduces reflective surfaces, which ensure that extra light and life are brought to the room.’’



I also found the list of key ingredients, the basic fabrics used in the space. I’m not sure they will still be available as it’s been six years since this story was published but if you find something you like, it’s worth a try. Good luck!


Overall, I really love this space. It has the kind of traditional look I prefer – very European (high ceilings and beautiful interior architecture) yet relaxed and comfortable. The choice of natural fabrics -linen upholstery and seagrass carpeting contributes to the easy-living atmosphere. I’d only change one thing. That tiny rug under the table is driving me crazy so I’d switch it out with a larger, more interesting one. Perhaps something black & white with a geometric pattern or a zebra hide. I know, I know, I have a zebra hide problem. But it’s a great problem to have!

    Have a productive day!

Credit: James Merell.



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