Ski Lodge Wonder

Winter is in full swing here in the Midwest- we’ve had our first snow last night and are now super excited about the holidays (to me it’s never really winter without a few snowflakes). And while we’re finishing up our last decorating touches and my daughter keeps revisiting her list for Santa, I thought I’d share with you a lovely home I’ve recently admired in Veranda, in case you need some holiday decor inspiration. If you love bold colors and fun patterns, you’ll love this scenic Utah ski lodge. Boasting with views of the Adirondacks, the house and its interiors were transformed by designer Anthony Baratta into a dream family retreat.


The New York designer is well-known  for his colorful interiors and playful attitude when it comes to decorating. Throughout  his career he’s come to master an incredible pattern mixing skill, blending together patterns very few would dare consider. It’s this talent for creating playful yet sophisticated interiors that has brought him his excellent reputation. Thirty so years later, driven by the nostalgic memories of a home they’ve once seen in New York designed by young Anthony Barrata, the couple purchased their ski lodge and knew exactly who to call for its design.




Filled with pretty plaids and quilts in bold colors, the home is an exercise in decorating for the holidays!


I absolutely love this shot of the powder room! An antique chair compliments an old dresser turned vanity. The diamond pattern of the quilt plays nicely with the plaid wallpaper. So much fun infused into such tight quarters!







One of the things I love about Anthony Baratta and his work is his constant partnership with local craftsmen. Wherever his latest project takes him, he looks close by for inspiration and resources. He tries to source as much as possible for his project from local cabinet makers, rug makers and quilters. What a wonderful way of supporting small entrepreneurship, coming from someone who could literally use any resource available.

If you’d like to get a similar look in your homes for the holidays, be sure to opt for the traditional red & green palette. Bring in greenery with garlands and potted topiaries. Go for plaids and quilts in reds, whites and browns. And please don’t forget the reindeers – quilts and blankets, and tree decorations! See you all tomorrow!