Spring Date

Midweek greetings, lovelies! I trust your week is going well. My schedule is so packed, in a good way, these days that I constantly find myself wishing for 48 hour days or a secret formula to make me look / behave nice on less than 6 hours of sleep. If you know of something, share please 🙂
On another note, today is a starting point of some sorts on this blog; after careful consideration 🙂 , I’ve decided to break up my interior design musings with a midweek post about my other passion-besides hubby, of course- that is FASHION. So starting today, each Wednesday I’m gonna share with you some of my fashion favorites. Truth be told, motherhood has completely changed the way I think about dressing up (it’s mostly ¨skinny¨ jeans, t-shirts and lots of concealer these days) but a girl has to have goals, right? 🙂
Hilary Duff

So here it goes, my first fashion related post is a cute little spring outfit perfect for a date or a girls night out, inspired by the lovely Hilary Duff. Her style is casual and effortless, yet always feminine and put together. Something I strive to be more of. And if you love this look, you can click on the image bellow and you’ll be redirected to Polyvore to source the outfit. Also very important to mention, this blog is not monetized, there’s nothing in it for me financially if you decide to click, or purchase any of the items bellow. Hope you’ll enjoy!
Spring Date