Style Me Pretty

One of my favorite ways to add interest to bookshelves or coffee table displays is to use apothecary jars and cloches (or glass bells).  Any decorative item will look so much better styled under the glass, from books, corals, seashells, collections of any kind to even the most basic household item. These jars and glass bells come in a variety of shapes with different sizes to choose from (depending on the things you wish to style under them), and some have a cute little base (wooden, metal or glass) that helps anchor your arrangement. Really pretty to look at, it is definitely worth investing in a couple of these:

cloche 2

pottery barn

cloche 1

pottery barn


pottery barn

glass dome 4


Lauren Liess glass cloche

maison de luxe

{Interior designer Lauren Liess for Maison de Luxe 2015}

What do you think? Likey? Have a great weekend!



P. S: I know most of the links are to Pottery Barn but this is so not a sponsored post! 🙂