Swimwear Hunt

I just love summer! The weather is really hot these days, like really hot and humid, and our first summer in the Midwest proves to be a welcomed upgrade from San Franciso’s chilly summers. Maybe because the climate is so similar to my beloved Romania, but even though everyone around me is complaining about the heat, somehow I like it and it doesn’t bother me (except the humidity – I’m not used to seeing my hair three times its normal volume! Problems!).

Okay, the really good thing is that we’re just a short week away from our official vacation time so I’m busy packing and planning. We’re traveling to Europe to see family & friends and it’s gonna be quite a long stay (three weeks or so).  I’ll try to post as much as I can but there’s an eight hour shift so the posting times will seem odd to some. Also, I’m gonna take some days off obviously (not too many since I’ll miss you), more details later on.

My idea of great summer holidays is lots of sun & beach time, so I’m on a last minute hunt for some cool new bathing suits.

Café Design | Swimsuit Hunt

{I love the geometry on this one but I couldn’t deal with all the tan lines}

Every year I try to recycle some of my last year’s favorites and add one, or two new pieces. You can’t have too many, right? So far I’ve managed to narrow it down to six awesome ones:  pretending that I’m gonna be active and swim a ton, a ‘onesie’ would be perfect, but since I know that in reality I’ll be lazying it in and out and around the pool, a tiny little two piece would be even better. Now if I can only decide in time which one!?!

Café Design | Swimsuit Hunt

1 //  2  // 3 //  4 // 5 // 6

Also, I’ve  been eyeing this pretty Mar y Sol Raffia Tote

Café Design | Swimwear Hunt

to pair with this embroidered kaftan I love. They’re out of my size but I’m trying to find something similar…

Café Design | Swimwear Hunt

Enough about me, I want to know how your summer is going! Any fun holiday plans?