Toile de Nantes

I’ve been thinking a lot about wallpapered rooms lately and this beautiful Toile de Nantes print came to mind. In this ever evolving world of interior design we often get caught between following trends and choosing timeless classics. Great design is a fine blend of both and for all of us traditionalists to the core, it is comforting to know that though novelty surrounds us, there are still design elements that will stay true to their value. Elements that will be as fresh in ten years as they are today. It sounds like a cliché but time has provided it over and over again – good things, really great things will hardly go out of style (whether it’s a beautiful piece of furniture, or a very special friendship).

One of such valuable design elements that has travelled from a long lost past is Pierre Frey’s Toile de Nantes wallpaper and fabric. The ikat or stipple pattern is based on an 18th century design that originated in the French town of Nantes and, shockingly, still looks great three centuries later!

It looks breathtaking in this delicate bedroom.


Aerin Lauder

I’ve said this before but there’s something about small spaces and their need for bold patterns. Like this tiny powder room designed by Alex Hitz!


Alex Hitz

In the Nashville home of designer Sarah Bartholomew, Toile de Nantes takes center stage. The geometry of this pattern is perfect for entryways and hallways.


Sarah Bartholomew

Sarah Bartholomew residence, entryway console table and bone mirror detail

Sarah Bartholomew


Sarah Bartholomew


Sarah Bartholomew

Another successful instance of Toile de Nantes, this time on draperies and pillows, is in this living room/den/family room designed by Bartholomew.


Sarah Bartholomew


Sarah Bartholomew


Sarah Bartholomew

I’ve talked about this Beverly Hills home and its majestic entry. Even as a table cloth, Toile de Nantes looks chic and showstopping


Mark D. Sikes


Robert Moore

It’s worth mentioning that there are two equally gorgeous color ways to choose from – blue ancien and rose ancien- although soft blue does seem to be a favorite among designers. Personally, I ‘d love the red pattern in a powder room or bedroom. What about you?


Bleu Ancien



Rose Ancien

Have a great weekend!