Window Seat Season – Part Two

Extending yesterday’s post, here are another couple of hundred window seats I could not pass the opportunity to show!! (just kidding, twenty tops 🙂  ). I love each one of these, although they are created in different styles and color schemes. To give you an idea of how to create and style your very own, I put together an idea board and checklist.

new board

There are four things I usually keep in mind with window seats, five when I’m thorough: comfortable seating– this could be either a built-in bench that you, your husband or a skilled handyman can build in no time, or a fitted settee or sofa. I’ve also seen some pretty creative solutions out there, like window seats created out of a bench or kitchen cabinets. Jennifer from The Ranch Uncommon made hers out of upper cabinet remnants, genius!!!


The Ranch Uncommon

Next up, comes lighting – very important! If it’s a bedroom, living room or any other space that is not a breakfast or dining nook, I use a pair of cute, slim sconces. For breakfast nooks, pendants centered above the table with/without sconces on the side are best. The height is something I pay attention to and make sure I leave plenty of space for a headrest and some pillows.  Speaking of pillows, pillows are the best part of any window seat. So pile up on your favorite fabrics! Next, blankets – not necessary but could increase the comfort factor like a gazillion!

Last, window treatments. I personally never leave my own windows bare, there’s something very unsettling about a window at night, it looks like a dark hole that makes me feel uncomfortable. But that’s my thing… if privacy is not an issue for you, or you just love your windows without window treatments, that can look amazing too.

So here you have it, some quick thoughts on window nooks.  For more technical information, I found This Old House  to be very knowledgeable on the topic, talking everything from materials and costs to design ideas (with some very cute inspiration too!). Feel free to check them out!


Robert Stilin

markham roberts

Markham Roberts

frances schultz

Tom Samet & Frances Schultz 

coatsal 3

coastal 4

Collins Clark

Clark Collins

clark collins laguna

Clark Collins

sarah bartholomew

Sarah Bartholomew


Lauren Liess

sarah richardson

Sarah Richardson




Pottery Barn

lauren seat

Lauren Liess

lauren liess 3

Lauren Liess

country 3


Elizabeth Newman

roman shades

lynn morgan

Lynn Morgan

courtney giles



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