Zebra Style

Most fashion and interior trends come and go. The majority of new ‘’it’’ elements are temporary and vanish faster than many of us can catch on. There are a few however that become classic staples – pieces that one would wear or decorate with just as easily five years from now. One such interior trend that caught our attention was (and still is!) the zebra hide. It has been overused and abused by many, debated upon, loved or hated but one thing is for sure, it stirs up strong reactions! My husband and I don’t disagree on many things, but zebra hides (any natural hides, really) are one of those things (and the reason why we still don’t have one in our home!). I find that most people either adore it or completely hate it. Which team are you?

Cafe Design | Zebra Hide 6

Wendy Labrum 

Although I DO love zebra hides, I like only a select number of interiors that display it. I think that with such a dramatic piece, it is easy to get it wrong. It must be that special detail that adds a bold touch to an otherwise quiet room. Another reason why the zebra hide can go wrong is its material, implicitly its cost. Some zebra hides are natural cow hides that have been painted a zebra print on – my favorites because they combine the beauty of the pattern with the natural leather. I think these look best! There are also many synthetic and faux prints available but just like with anything, the higher the quality, the more genuine it looks and the prices will reflect that.

Here are my favorite rooms & and their designers that got the zebra style right!

Cafe Design | Zebra Hide 0

Suzanne Tucker

Cafe Design | Zebra Hide 9

Christopher Spitzmiller

Cafe Design | Zebra Hide 4

Lauren Liess

Cafe Design | Zebra Hide 7

Darryl Carter 

Cafe Design Zebra 0

Mark D. Sikes 

Cafe Design | Zebra Hide 10

Betsy Burnham 

Cafe Design Zebra 00

Betsy Burnham 

Cafe Design | Zebra Hide 3

Lauren Liess

As you can see from these spaces, the great thing about zebra hides is their versatility. They look wonderful in any and every room, and blend with a variety of styles – from traditional to modern.



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  1. October 3, 2017 / 4:56 pm

    I love zebra rugs and would like to layer one on top of my living room rug–however, they absolutely horrify my daughter and my husband. So to keep everybody happy, I added zebra striped pillows to our living room sofa and a leopard print rug to our foyer. We sadly often have to compromise when we decorate! Great post Eva!

    • Eva Contreras
      October 3, 2017 / 5:03 pm

      So funny, we’re practically twins! Our compromise was a Scalamandre Tiger pillow 🙂